JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Vento Aureo (Golden Wind) Ep. 1-13 RECAP

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Hello! As someone who’s been binge-watching the entirety of JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure over the course of the summer (PS: Part 4 Best Part), I’ve had something of a newfound appreciation for anime, even though I didn’t really watch anything other than that, and some My Hero Academia here and there, and throughout the time that I’ve watched JoJo, I’ve seen funny stuff, sad stuff, crazy stuff, and donuts. And with the part 5 anime recently hitting the 1/3 of the way through the journey already, I thought that I would write a recap of all the things that happened up to this point, since there’s no new episode this week due to the New Year rolling in.

But first: The characters!


Giorno Giovanna


The son of DIO (and Jonathan, technically). Can stuff his whole ear in his head. Hair turned blond without any dye. Stand was so OP, was nerfed after episode 3. Has a dream.

Bruno Buccellati


Has the same fashion sense as Giorno. Stand uses zippers. Recently became a capo. Licks people.

Guido Mista


Hates number 4. Has 6 stands. Has 2 quotes that somehow get memed regularly on r/ShitpostCrusaders. Hol Horse w/ extra steps.

Narancia Ghirga


Thought that he was a girl at first. Is terrible at math. Somehow has lived to the age of 17 with a 3rd grade education. And his stand is an airplane. Also voiced by Deku.

Panacotta Fugo


Has anger issues. Stabs people with forks. Possibly has one of the most OP stands in the entire franchise. And he has a funny outfit.

Leone Abbacchio


Former police officer. Pisses in tea cups. Stand is almost useless in fights. A dick.

Trish Una

Trish Una - Anime

Daughter of the boss of Passione. Has no Stand. Is perved on by the internet. Jolyne is better.


The part begins in 2001, roughly 2 years after Part 4’s conclusion. We begin with Koichi, who has gotten a tan, and hit the gym since dealing with Kira.

Koichi anime AV
Part 5 Koichi Anime

Not long after, he meets our main protagonist, Giorno Giovanna, or the person formerly known as: Haruno Shiobana. Also known as: the person that Jotaro sent Koichi here to find. As trusting as trusting can be, Koichi entrusts Giorno to take him to somewhere, and as a result, he steals his luggage.

But Giorno doesn’t get far, as Echoes ACT 3 stops him with 3 FREEZE. Cornered with nowhere to go, Giorno does the only thing that he can think of.

Related image

Run away.

Sometime later, Giorno meets up with Leaky-Eye Luca, a gangster for the mob, Passione. Due to a pay dispute, Luca attempts to kill, or heavily injure, Giorno. But a frog (which was originally Koichi’s luggage) comes from a storm drain, and Luca attempts to kill that. But it seems frogs cannot be harmed in this franchise, since the attack is reflected back at him.


After another encounter with Giorno, Koichi calls Jotaro on the phone, who reveals that Giorno is DIO’s son, and he killed him all the way back in 1988. And Jotaro needs a DNA sample to see if he’s more like his father, or not.

Back to Giorno, a man, named Bruno Buccellati, confronts him on the train, who was a member of the gang that Luca belonged to, and on order from the boss, he goes to eliminate Giorno.

Using his Stand, Sticky Fingers (and that’s what it’s called, IDGAF what Crunchyroll says), he unzips Giorno, and tortures him by putting Luca’s fingers in Giorno’s mouth, Luca’s eyeball in his hand, and licking his cheek.

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The Madman.

Giorno unleashes his Stand in battle for the first time, and it’s here that we learn his past, and he’s had a pretty shitty life. His mother paid no mind to him, his stepfather beat him, and he’s even been bullied. It was only after he subconsciously used his stand ability to save a gangster that life actually began to get better for him, and he aspired to become a Gang-Star.

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Back to the battle, Giorno beats down Buccellati, which causes him to retreat, and unzip someone else’s body to retreat into. Turning Buccellati’s broken tooth into a ladybug, he tracks him down, and they face off one last time.

After Gold Experience punches Buccellati again, Giorno chooses not to finish him off, noting that he doesn’t seem like a bad person. He then tells Buccellati that he is going to join the gang, and take out the boss, to stop the flow of drugs to minors. Buccellati takes him to the prison where the capo, Polpo is being held, and he hands him a lighter, which Giorno must keep lit for 24 hours, and if it goes out, he will be denied entry.

Despite many shenanigans, Giorno manages to keep the lighter lit, avoiding the wind, his schoolmates, and even a snooping Koichi, who comes back for his passport. Eventually, the lighter gets put out by a random bucket of water. The lighter does relight, but ends up releasing Polpo’s stand, Black Sabbath. With the help of Koichi, they end up defeating Black Sabbath by getting him in the sun. For [allegedly] keeping the lighter aflame for 24 hours, Giorno is granted entry into Passione. But since Black Sabbath ended up killing the janitor with the Stand Arrow (a major plot point carried over from Part 4), Giorno kills Polpo by turning a handgun into a banana, Polpo accidentally eating it.

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Enjoy your last meal.

From there, we meet the gang. Fugo is teaching Narancia math (and stabs him with a fork for answering wrongly), Mista is freaking out over the fact that there are 4 cakes for the 4 of them, and Abbacchio is listening to music. Giorno is introduced into the gang, and Abbacchio pisses into a teapot, and pours Giorno some ‘Tea’. Abbacchio is a dick.

Image result for giorno drinking tea anime
Boy, I’m sipping TEA!

To everyone’s surprise, Gio ends up drinking the concoction, turning one of his teeth into a jellyfish, so that he doesn’t actually drink it. Buccellati and the rest of the gang go on a boat, and end up talking about Polpo’s ‘suicide’, and how Polpo left behind 10 Million lire on another island. But just as he’s telling them this, Narancia gets sucked down under the boat, then Mista, then Fugo. It’s at that point that they learn they’re dealing with an enemy Stand.

Buccellati suggests that Abbacchio use his Stand to locate the user, but Abbacchio refuses because he doesn’t trust Giorno, so he won’t show him his Stand’s ability. Abbacchio is a dick.


So Giorno sacrifices himself to the Stand, prompting Abbacchio to let out his stand, and discovers that the stand can deflate the entire body mass of a person or thing. They try to figure out how that he’s sucked up 4 of their members, and they aren’t above or below deck. Buccellati and Abbacchio figure out that the enemy Stand user, Mario Zucchero, deflated up another boat, and hid it within the boat. How Bizarre.

After Zucchero is defeated, we get the BEST DANCE SCENE EVER.

But then, we find that Zucchero has a mystery partner that he’s working with, and he’s on the destination that they’re heading to, Capri. Mista goes with Giorno to get the Stand user, and Mista shoots him, after he tries to communicate with Zucchero. However, the enemy, Sale, gets away on a runway truck, and Mista ends up trying to figure out how to work around Sale’s stand ability, which is the ability to lock things at any given position. Mista, by using his Stand, Sex Pistols, uses his final bullet to push a bullet (which Sale locked in place earlier) directly into his brain.


Then the gang meets one of the capos of Passione, Pericolo, to give him the 10 Million Lire, and as a result, Buccellati is promoted to the rank of capo. Buccellati’s first assignment as a capo is to protect a girl named Trish Una. This particular girl is the daughter of the mysterious Boss of Passione, who has been targeted by 9 men, known as the Hitman Squad. Ages ago, the Hitman Squad tried to find out the Boss’ identity, and two of their members ended up dying. One of them even ended up choking on his own vomit due to the shock of seeing someone murdered in front of him. They decide to come after Trish since they assume she knows some tidbit of the Boss’ identity.


A day later, Narancia tries to get some items for Trish, but he is intercepted by a member of the Hitman Squad, Formaggio. After Formaggio attacks Narancia, he unleashes his inner Bakugou and attacks Formaggio with his Stand, Aerosmith (and NOTHING ELSE), while Narancia attacks the car. But then things get complicated when Narancia begins to shrink due to the ability of Formaggio’s Stand, Little Feet. A game of cat-and-mouse ensues, as Aerosmith tracks down Formaggio with it’s Co2 radar, with Formaggio only realizing it when he’s underwater. When Narancia has Formaggio completely cornered, the villain completely regrows back to his original size, rendering Narancia’s attacks useless.

Formaggio ends up trapping Narancia in a bottle with a spider, and intends to let him die by spider bite, since he has Narancia’s map, and knows where Buccellati’s group is, and intends to go there after killing Narancia. But, ever the resourceful thinker, shoots the gas tank of the car that had all of Trish’s stuff, and when Formaggio tries to get away, he blows up more cars to stop him from running away. Hey, whatever works.

Image result for formaggio vs narancia anime

After killing Formaggio, the gang gets an order from the bossto go to Pomeii and retrieve a key. Abbacchio, Giorno, and Fugo go to Pompeii to retrieve said key, and Fugo ends up talking with the Man in the Mirror. Fugo ends up being dragged into the Mirror World (I THOUGHT THAT DIDN’T EXIST, KAKYOIN!) by the enemy Stand user, Illuso. Fugo tries to unleash his Stand, Purple Haze, and he does… outside the mirror. Abbacchio tries to warn Giorno about Purple Haze’s ability, which is to unleash a flesh-eating virus on his opponent, which would turn all his fights into a one-hit kill.

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Abbacchio tries to avoid Purple Haze’s ability, but Giorno is concerned about for Fugo, and Abbacchio straight-up tells Giorno that he doesn’t care if he dies, and that the mission comes first. Once more, Abbacchio is a dick.

File:Abbacchio Giorno arguing.png
I couldn’t find the anime version of this scene.

So Abbacchio goes after the key, but Illuso ends up trapping him in the Mirror World, but it actually turns out that Abbacchio’s Stand, Moody Blues was dragged in, instead. But when Abbacchio gets the key, he’s dragged into the Mirror World, and in turn, he cuts off his hand, and uses Moody Blues’ ability to bring the key to Abbacchio. But Giorno does nothing with the key, leading to him being dragged into the Mirror World.

This either.

With Purple Haze’s virus.


So after accidentally infecting himself with PH’s virus, Illuso goes outside the Mirror World, all the while cutting off his infected hand. When he gets outside the mirror, he finds a pissed-off Purple Haze, ready to fuck his shit up. When Illuso tries to get away, he gets a full dose of the virus, and fucking dies.

File:Dead illuso.png

With Illuso dead, the only problem is the fact that Giorno is infected with PH’s virus, but ever the resourceful one, Giorno made a snake out of a brick, and since it was created in an environment where the virus was, it has an immunity to it. Hey, that’s science.

Image result for yeah science bitch

Giorno takes the antidote, Abbacchio’s hand is still cut off, and Fugo entrusts Giorno to the fullest extent now, and that’s all of Vento Aureo (or, “Golden Wind” for all you Crunchyroll viewers out there) up to now.


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Vento Aureo Ep. 1-13 Grade: B+

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