W’z Episode 1 REVIEW: You, oh Handshaker…

Okay, let’s get this out of the way right now:

Yes, this is a Hand Shakers sequel.

And before you ask, No, I have not watched the original Hand Shakers. But since I’ve started this anime, and am intrigued by the premise, I figured, why not just see this through.

So, rather than judge it based on Hand Shakers’ infamous reputation, I’ll judge it on its own merits.

With that being said, on with the review!

Yukiya, a (possibly) 14-year-old DJ who goes by the name W’z (wise, which brings up the question why did they call the damn show W’z, anyways) is a popular music streamer, who many people listen to, who look like main characters.

Lick his cheek, coward.

After Masaru, an associate of Yukiya’s parents, has a quick talk with him, he meets up with his female friend, Haruka, and he vents to her about his streaming numbers not being able to break even. Haruka then suggests to do a PV of sorts. Almost immediately, Yukiya then figures out where to shoot his stream, but only if Haruka comes with him.

So, when they get all of Yukiya’s equipment in the middle of the city, the boy then says that they’ll perform in the middle of the city. But first, Yukiya tells Haruka to hold his hand. She complies, and the both of them are teleported to another world.

The reason for this is because since childhood, Yukiya’s (possible, IDK) father [figure] told him not to touch anybody’s hand. The reasoning for this is, whenever Yukiya ends up touching somebody’s hand, him and that person end up being teleported to another world. This is what is known as a Handshaker. He can end up canceling it out, and the person brought with him won’t remember a thing. He says this will happen to Haruka as well, but something in me doubts this.

After he plays some pretty epic DJ music, the two are intercepted by two pairs of opponents, who are also Handshakers. They ask Haruka where her Nimrod is (which is an extremely weird name for a weapon, honestly), and Yukiya ends up unleashing his. The episode ends after Yukiya ends up dual-wielding two Nimrods.


Honestly, I actually liked this episode. I mean, yeah there was the occasional dumb moment, like the whole unnecessary boob jiggle,

and the fact that they had a mask be completely CG’d, and it looks so out of place with the hand-drawn artstyle. I usually don’t complain about CG anywhere, so I hope this isn’t a prevailing thing with the anime.

dwquaq5vsaax0t6.jpg large
It’s so out of place…

That being said, I do like Yukiya and Haruka’s characters, seeing as how one’s introverted and quiet, and the other’s loud and boisterous. It’s a tired trope, but hey, I’m a sucker for cliche tropes. Let’s hope that this can escape it’s predecessor’s shadow.


W’z is available for streaming on HIDIVE.

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