The Promised Neverland Ep. 1 REVIEW: Excuse me, what the F**k?!

Disclaimer, I went into this show completely blind, and didn’t know anything about it other that it’s Yonkou Productions’ Twitter banner. But now that I have, I just have one question:


Sorry, sorry, I’m getting kind of ahead in the story. So, um, I guess we should just start from the beginning.


The episode begins with 3 kids, Emma, Norman, and Ray at staring in (or is it out?) of a gate which leads down a long tunnel. Our 3 protagonists are orphans along with 35 other children, and the 3 of them discuss their plans when they get out of the orphanage and into the outside world. Emma proudly proclaims that she wants to see a giraffe.

We’ll just see if it takes less time for the Straw Hats to find One Piece.

The episode then transitions to the next morning, where Emma is getting the majority of the orphans ready for breakfast. It turns out that one of the orphans, Conny, is getting adopted that day. Remember this for later.

Some time later, it the kids are taking some sort of test, and it ends up being that Emma, Norman, and Ray all end up getting perfect scores on their tests. Upset by this, one of the kids challenges Norman to a game of tag.

He ends up catching him.

And all of the other kids at the orphanage.

The only one remaining in the game is Emma, who eludes Norman at every twist and turn. After falling down, Emma comes to tend to his wounds, and it turns out that he faked the fall because he knew that she would come after and care for him. After the game of tag is over, the same kid ends up challenging Norman to another game of tag, except everyone is it except him.

After everyone spreads out, Emma finds Norman at the gate, and tags him. The kids come together, talk about how the kids who’ve left the orphanage haven’t written back to anyone at the orphanage. Conny says that she’ll write to the orphanage everyday. They talk about what they would do if they would get out from the orphanage. Each say clothes, research, dating (I feel you bro), seeing sights, and surviving. Emma says that she wants to stay there forever.

Big OOF.

Night falls, and it turns out that Conny is about to leave the orphanage. When she leaves, tears, are shed, and she promises to write. After she leaves, Emma discovers that Conny left her bunny. Norman goes with her to give it back to her, before she’s gone. They track her down to the gate, where they see a truck, which is the first they have ever seen, and assume it’s the one where Conny’ll be delivered in.

And then:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4-1.png

It turns out the orphanage is a farm for monsters, and the mother, who runs the place, is supplying them with their food, which are the children. One of the monsters almost gets Emma and Norman, but they luckily escape before any harm can come to them.

This image tears at my heartstrings.

Hystetical and in denial, Emma tries to convince herself and Norman that the girl that they saw wasn’t Conny, but someone else. Norman grimly tells her that it was, leading to Emma breaking down in tears. After getting back to the orphanage, they convince themselves that they have to get out of there, as well as take all of the other kids with them. With Norman’s brains, Emma’s athleticism, and Ray’s strategization, they deduce that the only way to get out of this human farm is to see it as a game of tag, and the monsters are “it”.


Like I said in the headline: What the Fuck?! I found the first 15 minutes kind of boring, but atypical, but those last 5 minutes… if the majority of the episode doesn’t hook you, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE watch until the end of the episode until you give you judge it. You may not like it, but you have to admit, it’s a good hook to get you to watch more. I don’t wanna count my chickens, but I can tell that this is gonna be the anime of the season.

Image result for the promised neverland anime

The Promised Neverland is available to stream on Amazon Prime, Funimation Now, and HIDIVE. And check out Funimation, because in a few weeks, there’s going to an simuldub of The Promised Neverland.

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