JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (Golden Wind) Ep. 14 REVIEW: GET TO THE TURTLE!

Good news, everyone! The opening is still “Fighting Gold“! And now, they’ve changed the visuals of the ending so that it looks less like a slideshow, and more like an ending! *light squeal* But enough about all that boring stuff, let’s get into the review!


We come back to Team Buccellati riding in a truck, where Abbacchio reveals their next destination, Venice. Little do they know, that Buccellati and his gang are being tailed by two members of the Hitman Squad, Pesci and Proscicutto, who for the sake of this review, and my trying to remember his name, will be henceforth known as Kira-lite.

At the train station, Buccellati is trying to put in the key, just as the directions fortold. This is bad, as the train is about to leave in just a few minutes, and Buccellati can’t find the keyhole. Just then, he notices a strange shape on a turtle’s back, and quickly hops onto the train. Kira-lite hops onto the train immediately after Buccellati, and him, nor his team, is not anywhere to be seen.

Pesci and Kira-lite are looking in the same cart, and try to look for the gang. Pesci unleashes his Stand, Beach Boy (That’s what it’s called, don’t care about your bullshit, Crunchyroll!) to lure out Buccellati, and instead, he catches a Train Driver.


Under the driver’s seat, it turns Buccellati’s gang is actually inside the turtle, and it’s a pretty spacious area. It’s got drinks, couches, food, the whole nine yards. This is going to be their incognito transport vehicle to Venice.

Pesci actually ends up finding the turtle, but then, Kira-lite ends up activating his Stand, The Greatful Dead, in order to lure out Buccellati’s gang.

Inside the turtle, Mista tries to get a drink for Narancia who looks as if he’s spacing out. Mista tries to get him a drink, but it turns out that he’s just not thirsty for anything in the fridge. So he decides to eat a banana instead.

Let’s hope Giorno didn’t touch that banana.

But then, Narancia begins to cough. Rather violently. And then he loses a tooth.


And then it turns out that Narancia has aged severly. Along with Fugo, Giorno, and Abbacchio (I’m cool with this, personally).

It seems that Mista, Buccellati, and Trish are the only ones who aren’t being affected by the Stand’s ability, because Mista and Buccellati had ice-cold drinks earlier, as well as Trish, but because she’s a woman, and women store more fat in their bodies than men, she’s not as suseptable to changes in body temperatures as men are.

Because science.

Mista volunteers to go and take out the Stand User, and when he gets out, the first thing he sees is an air conditioner. Naturally, hoping that it’ll save the gang, Mista goes to turn it on, only to be lured into a trap by Pesci’s Beach Boy. It’s at that point Mista realizes: There are 2 Stand Users.


I will be completly honest: I’m not that much a fan of this episode. I mean, it’s fine that we have setup episodes, but that seems to be Vento Aureo in a nutshell right now. Setup, Fight, Setup, Fight, etc. I do like the change in character for Pesci from when he first appeared in the anime, all wimpy and shit, now he says that he’s going to kill people, and I love the speech that Kira-lite gives to Pesci about saying, “I’ll kill him”.

We don’t need to say “I’ll kill you”… because by the moment those words come into our minds… our target’s already dead and the deed’s done!

Prosicutto (Kira-lite)

Overall, I think that the Stand ability of Kira-lite is somewhat interesting, but considering that we just came off of Purple Haze, which is my second-favorite arc thus far, I feel this may be the come-down from that. Maybe things get rolling when you-know-who comes on the scene, and I hope that he’s voiced by a certain someone. But man… how about those new ending visuals?

Oh, and also, Mista (18) and Fugo (16) checking Trish (15)? Not a fan on that. Plus, Jolyne’s better.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, or Golden Wind, is available for streaming in the United States on Crunchyroll and, by extention, VRV.

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