W’z Episode 2 REVIEW: Kita Asuka Aca- Ok, who dis?

Another week, a new episode of W’z! Oh boy, I can’t wait to see the forums on MyAnimeList and r/anime complain about Hand Shakers for the 8th Millionth Time! Just kidding. I’m no sociopath who gets so butthurt over someone liking something, which I don’t enjoy. That’d be fucking ridiculous.


We start off where last episode left off. Yukiya is holding off the quadruplet of his adversaries, and through tactful skill, he and Haruka run away, unscathed. Exiting the space world, Haruka, as Yukiya suspected, doesn’t remember a thing.

The next day, Yukiya and Haruka go to Kita Asuka Academy, where the pair is going to meet up with a music teacher, Koyori Akutagawa, who was a handshaker of the past. After an awkward first meeting between the two, Koyori realizes that Yukiya can go into the Space World, henceforth known as Ziggurat, by touching anyone he pleases. This is unusual, since most Handshakers have a bounded partner which they can enter Ziggurat with.

Koyori touches Yukiya’s hand, and she realizes that she cannot go into Ziggurat anymore. Koyori asks Yukiya to go to Ziggurat to find her friends, as well as her sister, since they were the ones to meet God, and got their wishes granted. But since then, nothing has been heard from them. Koyori, apologizing for making such a selfish request, informs Yukiya that all the Handshakers will be gunning after him, since they know his ability now, and they want to take it for themselves.

We then got a glimpse of the other 2 pairs of Handshakers and their motivations. Gai wants to go to space in Ziggurat, Masataka wants to see the stars, and Hana/Senri just want to hold hands regularly once again.

Oh. So they’re lesbians.

As Yukiya and Haruka are walking home, Yukiya reflects on his talk with Haruka, and as Haruka teases him, saying that he possibly fell in love with Koyori, he blushes and goes into his home. As he greets his parents, his father, who did not want him to go to KAA (Kita Asuka Academy), gives him the stinkeye. The episode ends with the Araki (haha) family going to eat dinner.


Not much happened in this episode. I guess it was just an exposition dump for everyone who didn’t watch Hand Shakers (oh shit, nibba, dat’s me), and they want to you, the viewer, to know what franchise you’re watching. Again, I am not going to judge this show based on the actions of its predecessor, but W’z needs these chill episodes in-between the action-filled ones, even though last week wasn’t all that action-packed, save for the last 5 or so minutes, and the 3 minutes of this episode.

That being said, I don’t like the fact that the other 2 pairs of Handshakers are literal Red Oni, Blue Oni tropes of one another. I know I praised Haruka and Yukiya for this last week, but when every pair is like this, I REALLY hope that there’s some hidden depths for them sometime down the line. But with only 13 episodes, I doubt it. Also, for people who think that Haruka won’t be involved in the plot going forward: She’s in the opening, so…

Speaking of, I did enjoy the OP, as well as the ED! Go check them out if you have the time!

Image result for w z anime

W’z is available for streaming on HIDIVE.

Stay Twisted, everyone, and I will catch you next time!

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