JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (Golden Wind) Ep. 15 REVIEW: Stand Battle on a Train

Man, I need a cigarette after that episode, because that was a ride (no pun intended) and a half. Let’s jump right in.


The episode picks up where we left off last time, with Mista being lured in by Pesci’s trap. Mista, noticing that the hook is digging deeper and deeper, tries to shoot the fishing line. Unfortunately, Beach Boy’s line is completely Unbreakable (like a Diamond), and the bullet ricochets into Mista, which alerts Pesci on who fell into his trap. Mista realizes that, as he’s being dragged to Pesci, the hook is digging further into his arm, and will eventually reach his brain.

Thinking drastically, Mista shoots himself, sending 3 Sex Pistols into his body, to try to stop the line. However, the line keeps moving regardless. The only way to stop the line is to go after the Stand User. So, Mista shoots two more bullets, seeking to send them after Pesci.

As Pesci gloats as if he’s already won, the glass of ice that Pesci was drinking suddenly shatters, and Sex Pistols Number #3 is revealed to be the one to be shot the glass. As the rest of Sex Pistols shoot the glass, the ice spills everywhere, shocking Pesci, which causes him to call back his Stand, which frees Mista. After Mista finds Pesci, he grabs some ice, and reloads his gun, shooting Pesci in the hand, which causes him to lose a finger (in all of it’s uncensored glory).

Mista threatens to kill him, unless he tells him where Kira-lite is in the next two seconds, he’ll put a bullet in both of his eyes. Just as Mista is going in for the kill, an old man interrupts him, saying that he loves Steak, but now he can’t eat it. Mista tries to get him out of the way, but it turns out that this isn’t any old man, this is Kira-lite, and reveals that his Stand, The Greatful Dead, can speed-up the aging process by contact. Mista and Sex Pistols collapse, Kira-lite returning to his original age. Kira-lite beats on Pesci, saying that even in the most dire of situations, none of the Hitman Squad would call back their Stand when they were so close to finishing someone off., calling him a “mammoni”, which, according to Google, means “Mama’s Boy”.
Seems legit.

Kira-lite then reiterates what he said about saying, “I’ll kill you,” before the job is finished, and punctuates this shooting Mista in the head 3 times with his own gun. Oof.

The pair goes back to the driver’s cab, noting that when Pesci fished out the driver, he felt two presences there. Kira-lite then takes note of the animal droppings on the ground, and realizes that the thing that Buccellati was carrying before he boarded the train, that it was a Stand User. Kicking away the Panel under the driver’s seat, they find the turtle, where Buccellati and his team are hiding. Kira-lite immediately wants to send more aging-energy (I mean, it can’t be worse than SPACE-RIPPER STINGY EYES) into the turtle, but Pesci warns him that one of them is missing. Kira-lite pays him no mind, intending to attack the turtle.

However, Buccellati, who was informed of the situation by Sex Pistols #6, who was revived by Sex Pistols #3, who stopped all 3 bullets from reaching Mista’s brain, keeping him alive, comes out from a zipper, and attacks Kira-lite. Kira-lite orders Pesci to stop him, but Buccellati puts him out of commission real quick.

After a fight scene which saw Buccellati unzip himself, and unzip Kira-lite, Kira-lite informs Buccellati that the cab is getting warmer, which means that the aging process will be accelerated. However, Buccellati’s determination to protect his team, and to keep Trish safe shines through, and he unzips the floor below them, in order to keep his teammates safe, fade to black.


Like I said last week, I didn’t enjoy last week’s episode since it was an episode designed to setup the next episode’s conflict, so you can tune in. Well, it worked. Mista vs Pesci, despite how brief it was, was the definition of short and sweet. You knew that Pesci was going to die, but Kira-lite ended up saving his sorry ass, which ended with Mista’s getting shot, which shocked the hell out of me. Buccellati vs Kira-lite, amazing fight, which implements strategy on strategy, something I love about JoJo, because it’s not the guy who hits hardest wins, the guy with the best strategy does. I’m genuinely interested about how the fight will end. even though I kind of spoiled myself…

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, or Golden Wind, is available for streaming in the United States on Crunchyroll and, by extention, VRV.

Until next time, everyone. Stay Twisted.

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