W’z Ep. 3 REVIEW: Talking… and more talking. Also, WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

*ahem* So this episode is really damn boring and here’s why.


The episode begins with Yukiya reflecting on Koyori’s words, saying that the other Handshakers will be gunning for him. Seeing that the video of his may cause a bit of concern for him, he decides to delete it.

He then talks to Haruka, telling her that he deleted the video, but, because it went viral, there have been multiple mirrors of the video online. This is going to be a problem.

Then, we see cast of Hand Shakers, and since I’ve never watched Hand Shakers, I’m going to skip to the part where Yukiya’s dad comes in to fuck some shit up. They talk for a bit, after they calm down, and they watch the video, and it comes out that Yukiya was actually adopted, 10 years prior. Okay.

So they realize, that if Yukiya can take things into Ziggurat, he can also take things out, which is possibly very dangerous.

I think.

So Yukiya’s adopted father says that he doesn’t want Yukiya to get involved with the Handshakers, and live a normal life. The episode ends with Yukiya meeting the other Handshakers, and getting flustered with Koyori.




I mean, it’s an anime about holding hands to go to another world. I didn’t expect much going in, but man, I just felt so BORED watching this episode. Maybe because I didn’t watch Hand Shakers when it came out, so I don’t know 80% of the cast in this episode, but for someone like me, ree, if I knew this was going to be a sequel going in, I would have done whatever it took to binge the first season, before watching this one. But because GoHands schmeckledorfed the ENTIRE anime community, nobody knew that this was gonna be a sequel. I mean, I get this was an exposition dump episode, but I guess you can say that the decision to use the old cast to dump said exposition didn’t “mesh” with me at all.

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W’z is available for streaming on HIDIVE.

Stay Twisted, everyone, and I will catch you next time, I guess.

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