The Promised Neverland Ep. 3 REVIEW: Tag, you’re it! Except tag is an escape plan!
That scene was really funny.

Man, every single week I watch The Promised Neverland, it always leaves me wanting more, which is a feat that shocks the hell out of me, since, emotionally, I’m a stone wall, and cannot be moved, and don’t ever cry when anime, because I guess I’m that hardcore. Anyways,I’m rambling, let’s get into this.


Those devious little devils.

Starting off from where the last episode, where Sister Krone is assigned to a room right near the children’s, which our 3 heroes speculate is to keep a close eye on them. The 3 then talk about how Sister Krone’s presence makes it harder to escape, and on top of that, they still don’t know where the tracking devices are located on them. But Ray pipes up, saying that with Carol’s appearance, that means there’s a chance to know where they came from, as if they came from a farm that breeds humans. They also realize that since Carol is a baby, it’ll be easier to locate said tracking devices.

With Krone and Mother Isabella, which is easier on me now, because I no longer have to just type out “Mother” when addressing her, are talking about how Isabella was assigned an assistant, and Isabella hands Krone paperwork of all of the kids in the orphanage. She shows her this because the kids saw the trade-off, and the ones who saw were two of the 3 oldest kids. Krone immediately wants to take them in, but Isabella stops her, saying that she has a good idea of which two it was. The only thing that they need to do is to stop them from escaping before they turn 12.

And then.

Talking to her… baby? She says that since Isabella accidentally screwed up, all she has to do is report it to the boss, and soon, she’ll be the mom of the house.

Contacting the demons, they talk about preparing a meal for “Him”, and it has to be a grand meal, not like the others.

In the hall, Norman and Ray observe that Sister Krone is liked by the children, and remark that it’ll be hard to get rid of someone who is well-liked by the children. Ray then brings up the possibility of killing Krone and Isabella, in a public place. And then Krone peers in on their conversation.


In the rooms, Emma is dressing up Carol, while checking where the tracking device could possibly be. As she checks over her body, she takes note of a scar over Carol’s ear, and finds the tracking device.

The next day, Emma tells Norman and Ray about the location of the tracking devices, and while it’s great that they know where they’re located, it doesn’t erase the fact that, if they’re going to escape, not everyone is going to be a natural gymnast like Emma is. That and the fact that they have children that can barely walk. So, in order to train them mentally and psychically, they’ll use tag to train them. Emma ends up training the kids physically, and Norman and Ray end up training them mentally.

While the training is going successfully, Krone oversees this, and wants to play as well.

Oh boy.

One by one, she starts to get the kids, and she even ends up BREAKING THE OPENING OF A TREE TO GET TO ONE. Eventually, she ends up cornering Emma, who saved two children from being tagged. Krone tells Emma to come on out, and if she saw what happened on the night of the harvest, she lets her know that she’s on her side.


The only two left in the game are Norman and Ray, who immediately split up, and Krone goes after Norman, with Krone assuming that he’s the weaker of the two. Norman gets above ground, and:

God, I love these kids.

Ray tags Krone, and the game is over.

A few days later, the three note that Krone hasn’t done anything yet, and that is possibly on Isabella’s orders. But then they wonder on how Isabella can keep their eyes on them, without actually watching them. They then discuss the possibility of a traitor among the children. The episode ends as the kids gather into the mess hall, with Emma looking like she’s on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Someone save this poor summer child.


Man, after that boring and disappointing episode of W’z, I needed something to clean my palette, and this episode did not disappoint. Sister Krone, as strange as she may look, is completely crazy, and fun to watch. There were times, like when she was talking to her babydoll, where I was actually disturbed of what she might do to these kids. The game of tag was designed to show how fast and scary Krone is, and how she may impede the escape plan.

It’s neat that the kids have finally figured out where the tracking devices are, but here’s the problem,

  1. They still don’t have a real escape plan to get everyone out of there,
  2. Sister Krone.

But the fact that Sister Krone said that “I’m on your side” shows that she could end up helping the kids some time in the very near future. But two questions for now:

  • Who’s the traitor?
  • Who is “Him”?
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The Promised Neverland is available to stream on Amazon Prime, Funimation Now, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE. And check out Funimation, because in a few weeks, there’s going to an simuldub of The Promised Neverland.

Stay Twisted, everyone, and I’ll see you next time!

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