JoJo’s Bizzare Aventure: Vento Aureo (Golden Wind): Ep. 16 REVIEW: Arrivederci!

Man, what a thrilling end to a thrilling three-parter. Let’s get into this.


We start off where we left off last time, with Buccellati unzipping the train wall and floor, and Kira-lite struggling to hold onto the train’s ‘zipper’. Kira-lite screams at Pesci to stop the train. Pesci wakes up to see Kira-lite and Buccellati hanging outside of the driver’s cab. Pesci immediately summons Beach Boy, and grabs on to Kira-lite. Buccellati struggles to hold on to Kira-lite, and goes to punch him. But, Buccellati reveals that he was attempting to attack Beach Boy’s line, since and damage it suffers gets sent to the target. Kira-lite gets unzipped, and falls to the ground at 150 km/h.

Pesci feels the weight of what he thinks is Kira-lite, but because he noted that he grabbed Kira-lite by the right hand, he feels the weight of someone’s left hand, and notes that they’re slightly heavier as well. He comes to the conclusion that it is Buccellati, and Kira-lite fell to his death. Pesci falls into despair as he mourns Kira-lite’s death. However, with The Greatful Dead’s ability wearing off, the passengers on the train begin to wake up, and as Pesci is still mourning, they ask him to stop the train. But as one of the passengers tries to get close to the cabin, he rapidly ages, and falls to the ground. Pesci, as well as Buccellati, realize that Kira-lite is still alive, and he’s hiding under the train. Pesci, fully motivated to kill Buccellati now, recites what Kira-lite said about saying “I’ll kill you” before the job is done, and kills the aged passenger. His first kill.

The look of a man who killed and liked it.

Buccellati tries to get to Pesci before Beach Boy’s line digs further into him, but the line begins to dig up his arm. He unzips his hand, but it digs into his arm. He unzips his arm, but it goes back in. So then, Pesci tries to skewer Buccellati, by slamming him into power wires. Realizing that he’s in real danger, Buccellati unzips the roof of the cabin, and gets out of the way of one danger. But he immediately has to deal with another: Beach Boy. Beach Boy’s hook is mere centimeters from Buccellati’s heart, and in order to get out of the way of it, Buccellati UNIPS HIS ENTIRE BODY.

Pesci scours the entire cabin in order to find Buccellati, and while he accidentally rips someone else’s heart out, he gets VERY close to finding Buccellati’s heart, but Buccellati splits it in two.

Pesci eventually gives up on finding the capo, and tries to stop the train. Buccellati, after a VERY close brush with death, puts himself back together, in order to meet Pesci for the final showdown. Kira-lite, no, Procicutto ends up dying, but not without telling Pesci how he’ll always be with him. Pesci uses Beach Boy to get at Buccellati’s heart again, but makes the mistake of saying “I’ll kill you” before the job is done, because Buccellati ends up twisting his neck around with his own line. Pesci, realizing that he’s going to die, frees Trish from the turtle, and plans to smash the turtle on a random rock, in order to kill the rest of his group. Luckily, Buccellati intervenes, and tells Pesci:

Earlier, I saw nobility and resolve that shone like a diamond in your eyes. But you’ve fallen. Now you’re just a piece of shit. […] …And you’re going to fail, no matter what, when you’re a piece of shit.

Bruno Buccellati, 2001

And then.

After Pesci’s brutal death, Trish asks Buccellati a question: Who is she? She motions toward a handprint on the ground, which she apparently made without realizing. Then, Buccellati comes to the realization that Trish is a Stand User.

Honestly: Not a fan of this.

The episode ends with Melone, another member of the Hitman Squad, surveying the scene of Pesci and Procicutto’s deaths.


Man, that was another great episode! Again with the strategies, Buccellati unzipping himself is possibly one of craziest things I’ve seen this entire Part! Same thing goes about Buccellati’s “ARI ARI ARI” combo. And plus, he even had his All-Star Battle colors on at one point! One thing that’s been great to see in this arc is Pesci’s development. He goes from timid about killing, blood, and gore, to somewhat arrogant, but still inexperienced hitman, to a stone-hearted killer with a strong sense of resolve. It’s one thing I really love about JoJo, to develop side villains.

Now, one thing I didn’t like was how they revealed Trish was a Stand User. Yeah, it was kind of foreshadowed by Formaggio that it was a possiblity, but it was never really outwardly stated. To just reveal it out of left field like that, is just kind of… bleh. But hey, who knows, maybe they can do something with this. But as of now, not a fan.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, or Golden Wind, is available for streaming in the United States on Crunchyroll and, by extention, VRV.

Until next time, everyone, where we cover Vento Aureo‘s best arc, Baby Face! Stay Twisted.

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