W’z Ep. 4 REVIEW: MFW…

Image result for patrick sleeping meme

Now, I’m going to be completely honest: Yes, I am dropping this show, not because I don’t like it (IMAGINE THAT, DROPPING AND HATING A SERIES 3 EPISODES IN), but because it’s a direct sequel to a series that I have never watched. Now, if it was related to Hand Shakers, and I didn’t need necessarily to watch Hand Shakers to understand the overall plot of this show, I’d be fine with that. But the fact that GoHands deliberately went out of their way to not mention Hand Shakers in any of their promotional materials, it’s crazy to me.

Again, I don’t think that W’z is bad, per se, but I don’t see the point in trying to binge a show that produced a sequel that straight-up LIED to its consumers. I’m sorry.

W’z Final Grade: C-

Stay Twisted, everyone. I guess I’ll try to watch My Hero Academia, then,

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