The Promised Neverland Ep. 4 REVIEW: And the traitor is…

Good news: This episode didn’t end with Emma on the brink of a mental breakdown, for once! Bad news: OH MY GOD, THAT ENDING.


The episode begins with Sister Krone talking to Isabella, with Isabella telling her that Krone was only brought in as a sort of insurance policy. She tells her not to get involved with the kids any longer, and her knowing if the oldest ones know are none of her concern. And Isabella tells Krone that if she keeps doing this, she’ll make her a mother one day. Krone goes back to her room, and rips her baby doll apart, visibly frustrated at Isabella.

With our favorite trio of kids, they try to play tag in teams. This way, when the escape plan is hatched, the kids won’t be left behind, if they have a team with them. After the game is over, they discuss one of the children, Phil, being the traitor, which Emma immediately balks at, but Ray immediately shoots her down, saying that they have to suspect everyone. Norman asks Ray when can he do something about the tracking devices, to which he responds with 10 days, on November 8th. And that’s when they set the escape date for.

Later, the trio decide to tell two of the other kids at the orphanage, Don and Gilda, the truth about what lies beyond the wall. At first they don’t believe them, believing this to be some sort of trick. They reassure them that it isn’t. Gilda breaks down in tears, saying that Norman and Emma haven’t apologized for breaking the rules, which they usually would have, since they went to the gates. Norman then tells them that they’re going to escape in 10 days, as well as what happened to Conny, while fabricating the story a tiny bit. Ray gets pissed at Norman for this, but Norman tells him that they need to outsmart both Gilda and Don, in order to make sure one of them gets the wrong information.

At night, Gilda gets up from bed, in order to see Sister Krone, and around the same time, someone, we don’t know who, slips a note under her door, saying that “The ropes are under Norman’s bed.” With Krone, she tries to make Gilda confide in her, so that she’ll tell her the truth about what Emma and co. know. Ultimately, Gilda decides not to say anything, which rules her out as the traitor.

The following day, Norman asks if the traitor was someone who was willingly helping the demons and didn’t want to leave with them, would she still take her with them, to which she replies with “Yes.” because they are still the only family she knows, and they still need to be saved, reguardless. That night, Norman checks the hiding places for the ropes, both under his bed and in the storage closet, and since no one has touched it, Ray theorizes that this means Don must be the traitor. And then.



I know I say this a lot, but GOD DAMN, this show is intense! It also throws you off when you think something completely predictable is going to happen, but in reality, it doesn’t. Now, in the beginning, I thought that the kid, Phil, would be the traitor, which would have given birth to “Dark Side Phil” (F**k you, I’m funny), but the fact that RAY of all people was the traitor was something completely out of left field for me, because 1. He’s in the opening alongside Emma and Norman, and 2. It’s sort of cliched to make the gloomy kid a double agent (*cough* Naruto *cough*). I mean, when Norman dropped that bomb, I was expecting a “Kidding,” but then, BAM, straight to the credits. But, I like this so far, and let’s see where it goes.

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The Promised Neverland is available to stream on Amazon Prime, Funimation Now, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE. Stay Twisted, everyone, and I’ll see you next time!





One thought on “The Promised Neverland Ep. 4 REVIEW: And the traitor is…

  1. I’m really enjoying the atmosphere of this and that ending, while I was kind of waiting for the twist with Norman’s plot, I still didn’t expect that right before the ending. Hoping they do something interesting with it next episode.

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