JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (Golden Wind) Ep. 17 REVIEW: Mr. Buccellati, I don’t feel so good…

Good news everyone! I didn’t have to get my tooth pulled! Even better news: This episode was actually pretty good! As if that was a problem for JoJo!


Picking up where the last episode left off, Melone gets on the dilapidated train in another woman’s cab, asking where what her birthday is, blood type, credit card & social security numbers (one or two of those may not be correct) are, and after she slaps him, Melone is able to get all the information to create his Stand, Baby Face, to track down Buccellati.

After the opening, the gang are still inside of the turtle, riding to Venice in a truck. Trish is still upset because Buccellati still won’t say anything about her newfound Stand abilities, but Giorno wants to see her abilities for himself, for he thinks it could bring it closer to the Boss, as well as his identity. Just then, Sex Pistols #5 comes crying to Mista, saying that the other Sex Pistols won’t share the Hamburger that dropped into the turtle. The truck driver notices his missing burger, as well as the turtle, and Mista just knocks him out. Predictably, this causes the truck to crash into the side of the road.

Nice going, Mista.

Back with Melone, he teaches the newborn Baby Face to kill Buccellati and his gang, all the while Baby Face ends up learning how to live life, such as peeing all over his ‘mother’s’ neck.


After killing his ‘mother’, Melone decides that Baby Face, albeit quickly, is ready to kill Buccellati’s gang. Then Baby Face possesses Melone’s motorcycle, and speeds off to where Buccellati’s location. Melone remarks how Baby Face has no weakness.

Where have we heard that before?

Image result for sheer heart attack has no weakness

Oh right.

So after the group tries to procure a car after Mista’s GENIUS plan to knock out the truck driver. But then, Giorno has the idea to steal 100 cars, in order to throw off suspicion to themselves if they just stole one car. Abbacchio tells Giorno to inform Buccellati of this plan, and surprisingly, he’s not a dick in any way!

So after Buccellati unzips a toilet-dimension for Trish, Giorno informs Buccellati that they’ve procured a car. But then, Giorno notices a random motorcycle has pulled up at their location. At that same time, Buccellati notices that Trish has been dragged into a cabinet, and tries to go after her too, but he ends up getting dissolved.

Giorno, noticing that Buccellati is gone, sends Gold Experience inside of the turtle, to look for Buccellati and Trish. He looks everywhere, and even in the cabinet, where Baby Face turns out to be hiding. Kicking down the cabinet (WRYYY’ing as he does so), Baby Face doesn’t come out of hiding. Removing the key from the turtle’s back, Giorno ends up dragging out Baby Face, but it transforms into something else.

Giorno tries to combat Baby Face, but it slowly picks him apart, by taking out his throat, so he can’t contact the others, his eye, and even his foot. Baby Face delivers a fatal blow to Giorno by taking out another piece of his throat, and Baby Face assumes Giorno is dead, and speeds away on the motorcycle, attempting to deliver Trish to Melone via the turtle.

But then, Giorno unlocks a new ability to create parts of himself out of objects, meaning that Giorno is now on the same level as Baby Face. What he destroys, Giorno creates. Gold Experience traps Baby Face in vines, forcing him to release the turtle. Giorno attempts to take out Baby Face, but GE gets its arm cut off. Baby Face boasts instead of going for the kill, and Giorno lets him know that he let him cut his arm off on purpose, as it was a fake arm made by GE, from one of the bike parts, and it turned into a piranha, which explodes out of Baby Face.

Man, the Joestars just have a great history with Piranhas, don’t they?


This was a fast-paced episode, which I really enjoyed. Usually, Vento Aureo goes for setup episode first, and action episode after, but here, it felt like they were trying to put the entire arc within the episode, so that it would be out of the way, but it doesn’t suffer for it. But unfortunately, it does suffer because of 2 things:

  1. Censorship – The censorship has been all over the place this season. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not.
  2. Giorno’s healing ability, well, not really healing, more like creating parts, is a new power as the plot demands. He was able to imbue things with life before, and that was it.

Nevertheless, this was a good, if not fast-paced, episode.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, or Golden Wind, is available for streaming in the United States on Crunchyroll and, by extention, VRV.

Until next time, everyone, Stay Twisted.

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