My thoughts on the Final “JUMP FORCE” roster

Nope! The roster is complete! (@BandaiNamcoUS) February 6, 2019

THE WORLD punching Kakyoin through the stomach.
Image result for jump force roster
This was a warning. We just didn’t know it at the time.

Goku – Obvious.

Naruto – Obvious

Luffy – Super obvious.

Frieza – I mean, why tho? Frieza’s iconic and all, but I’d rather someone else take the helm as Dragon Ball‘s main villain.

Zoro – Good.

Sasuke – Obvious.

Ichigo – A welcome surprise.

Aizen – See Ichigo’s section.

Rukia – Should have been playable in J-Stars.

Vegeta – Good, but a safe choice.

Sabo – I mean, why tho? Sure, Ace is dead and gone, but we don’t really need Sabo in this game.

Sanji – Cool.

Blackbeard – Okay, I would have probably preferred someone like Doflamingo or Katakuri, but whatever…

…Has he even appeared after the timeskip…?

Gon – Obvious

Hisoka – See Rukia’s section.

Kurapika – Fuck yes…

Killua – Obvious.

Yugi – Obviously, he should have been playable in J-Stars. They had his data ready and everything.

Yusuke – Sure, why not?

Toguro – Pretty obvious.

Pegasus Seiya – Because Brazilians.

Dragon Shiryuu – See Seiya’s section.

Kenshiro – I mean with all of the “Omae wa mou shinderu” memes going around, how could they NOT include Ken?

Plus, he was in J-Stars, too.

Ryo Saeba – Okay, never expected this guy, to be perfectly honest.

Kenshin & Shishio – Honestly, with the author’s recent… “problems”, these two would be the last two people on the roster. But glad they were anyway.

Cell – See Sabo’s section.

Piccolo – Has Piccolo had any sort of relevance after the Android Saga?


Izuku – …my dream match can finally come true…. *drools*

Trunks – Alright.

Renji – Nice to see more Bleach reps.

Hancock – BUT WHY THO?! WHY?!

Kakashi – I mean, okay?

Gaara – See Sabo’s and Trunks’ sections

Kaguya – Really? Really? Seriously? Honestly? Truthfully? Madara seriously would’ve been a better choice!

Hell, OBITO would have been a better choice! Oh yeah, I fucking said it!

Boruto – Okay…

Dai – Seeing as how he was supposed to be in J-Stars, I’m not gonna complain.

Jotaro – You all know how I felt about that.

DIO – Well, he brought the steamroller, so…

Galena and Kane – Let’s be honest: nobody gives a single solitary shit about these two. I get Akira Toriyama designed them and all, but to be perfectly honest, if they’re designed for Dragon Ball, put them in a Dragon Ball game! Even if they’re discount versions of Mira and Towa, make Light Yagami the fucking villain! Come on!

Well, that’s my thoughts on the roster. All in all, I give it a 5/10, simply because it doesn’t scream “50th Anniversary Game Roster” it just screams, “Crossover Roster”, and that’s no good. But I will save the review for next Friday, when the game releases.

Stay Twisted, and… whatever, I guess.

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