The Promised Neverland Ep. 5 REVIEW: Shit’s about to hit the fan…

Why is it that every time I blink, the episode ends?


The episode begins where we left off last time: Norman accusing Ray of being the traitor. Norman justifies this by saying that he told Ray that he would tell Don and Gilda that the ropes were in two separate locations: Under his bed and In the storage closet. But in reality, Norman told them that the ropes were hidden in two completely different locations. And Norman notes that the rope under his bed is gone, and Ray was the only person that knew about it.

Ray, completely cornered, admits that he was Isabella’s informant the entire time, and Norman tells him that he suspected that he was a suspect since the day Krone came. Not only that, he knew the truth about the house all along, that it was a farm meant to ship kids out to demons. But he left Conny’s bunny in order to give Emma and Norman a hint of what they were working with. Ray’s been working as Isabella’s informant, but he is not their enemy. Norman asks Ray to be his spy, since he’s not their enemy, and he can relay information to the kids, since he’s in Isabella’s pocket already. Ray agrees, but on condition:

Convince Emma they’re taking everyone, but leave them behind when they get to the gate.

While Norman argues that they’ve gotten better and their stamina has increased slowly and steadily, but Ray argues that if they take everyone, they’ll be a burden for that exact reason. Knowing that they have to convince Emma eventually, Ray says that she’ll come around. Begrudgingly, Norman accepts.

After Norman has a bad nightmare, we transition to the next morning, where Emma and Norman meet with Ray, to discuss who the traitor could be, when Ray flat-out says he did it, and he knew what was going on outside the house the whole time. After letting the news sink in, Emma looks directly into Ray’s eyes, saying,

Some time later, Emma draws up a diagram of the house, based on her observations that Isabella disappears every night after 8pm. They eventually come to the conclusion Isabella has a secret passageway in her office, which she uses to report to the demons. Ray tells Don to go and prepare dinner, which he complies with, and Gilda goes with him. Wanting to save Conny (because he doesn’t know the truth yet), he goes to Isabella’s quarters, to see the “real” her.

After failing to open the door to the secret entrance, Gilda finds the secret entrance, but unfortunately, it’s locked. And if that’s not bad enough, someone’s about to open the door…



Really, this week, nothing stood out to me, with the exception of the dialogue between Ray and Norman. Both of these kids are geniuses in their own way, and their talk was SO GOOD. Ray knows that Norman likes Emma, and uses that against him to further the idea of getting out of the house. Norman knows that Ray isn’t their enemy, but still doesn’t fully trust him as an ally. Both these characters are polar opposites, and it was SO AMAZING to see them interacting by themselves this week.

As for Don, he seriously needs to get his shit together. The way he acts now, rashly without thinking, if they go outside the walls, he is going to die. Part of me wishes that it isn’t Isabella that opens the door, but Krone, so she can question them, because that’s the thing: I was so distracted by Norman and Ray, I didn’t notice that Krone was missing this week! But yeah, Don, get yourself together, man!

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The Promised Neverland is available to stream on Amazon Prime, Funimation Now, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE.

Stay Twisted, everyone, and I’ll see you next time!





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