JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (Golden Wind) Ep. 18 REVIEW: Ice, Ice, Baby

Why is Bakugo in JoJo? Not that I hate Bakugo or MHA, but it’s so surreal to hear him here.


The episode begins where the last one left off, with a piranha bursting out of Baby Face’s body. This causes Baby Face to fall to the ground, facefirst in Turtle shit. BF attacks Gold Experience, and by extension, Giorno, as he begins to transform, in turn, his range has greatly increased. Giorno re-summons GE’s hand, punching Baby Face, but to no avail. When Baby Face absorbs Giorno’s hand, he suddenly finds himself being weighed down by a force. Giorno tells him that it wasn’t his own hand, but the bike instead. Baby Face tries to get away by transforming, but because of gasoline, the spark plug reacts to the gasoline, and it catches fire, melting Baby Face, and restoring both Trish and Buccellati.

Meanwhile, back on the train, Melone sees that Baby Face’s child has been killed by Giorno. Melone tries to make a new child, but he ends up being killed by venomous snake created by Giorno.

Ghiaccio drives up to where Baby Face was, but sees Melone’s charred bike, and people asking where their cars are. Ghiaccio then goes into a rage about the phrase “Take a Leaf out of someone else’s book”.

“You know how they call Naruto Part I volumes 1-24, right? And Part II covers 25-72.. even though halfway Part II, the Akatsuki are completely defeated, and the main villain is Madara, mostly… 49-72 even has its own boxset…


With Melone dead, the gang make their way to Venice without haste. At that point, Buccellati gets a message from the boss, to use Abbacchio’s Moody Blues to rewind 14 hours, to see Mr. Pericolo, who gives them the instructions to hand Trish over to the Boss. He shows them a photo of where to take them, and immediately burns it, in order to destroy any evidence. Saying that his job is now complete, he thanks the boss for giving him solidarity, and then shoots himself out of the turtle.

Rest in Peace. /s

The group splits up, with Mista and Giorno looking to get to Venice. The car suddenly slides, and Mista gets knocked onto the other side of the car, probably because he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. But then, Mista notices that his finger got ripped off, but he didn’t even realize it, since the car was so cold. They realize that Ghiaccio has been on top of the car, and shows them a photo, which is the Pericolo showed them, which was recreated from computer software. Mista tries to shoot at Ghiaccio, but the bullets freeze in place, as well as 2 Sex Pistols.

And then.

Mista tells Giorno to stop the car, yet he cannot, because the brake pedals are frozen. What’s worse is, he cannot call out Gold Experience, since the temperature is -100 degrees Celsius. Giorno remarks the fact that now that he’s practically frozen, all he can do is pick up bullets, noting that Bullets heat up when shot. Mista shoots again, but this time, Giorno uses Gold Experience to sprout tree roots from the bullets, in order to push Ghiaccio off.

Thinking that they’re out of the woods, Ghiaccio immediately gets back up, skating on the highway, cloaked in his Stand, which allows him to freeze the moisture in the air, so that he can skate on it. Mista tries to shoot him again, but the bullets reflect off him, and he freezes the exhaust to the car. Giorno tries to punch him with his WRRYYY punches, but he doesn’t get it. Wondering if he’s invincible, Giorno ends the episode by driving the car off the bridge, after they reach Venice.

Well, looks like those Passione boys are in a real jam…


Why is this show so good? From defeat of Melone and Baby Face, to the reveal of Ghiaccio’s Stand, as well as his antics. Mista and Giorno make a surprisingly good team, but it’s a damn shame that they didn’t really do more with their partnership with the Sale fight, but hey, nobody really cared for the Sale fight, did they? The one thing that I did not like was the fact that Pericolo’s suicide felt EXTREMELY caked on, in order to create artificial drama, with the photo and all. But it’s all good.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, or Golden Wind, is available for streaming in the United States on Crunchyroll and, by extention, VRV.

Until next time, everyone, Stay Twisted.

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