The Promised Neverland ep. 6 REVIEW: …And it’s hit it.

Man, what a depressing week. I got a cold, JUMP FORCE was an embarrassing disappointment, and worst of all, I spent $50 dollars on a game that was half finished!

Oh well, at least The Promised Neverland never manages to disappoint!


Picking up where we left off last time, the door opens to Isabella’s room, and in walks in…

…oh, it’s Phil.

And he’s playing Hide and Seek with the other kids.

Meanwhile, Emma, Norman, and Ray are discussing what they are going to once they escape, and get to the outside. For all they know, the outside could be filled with demons, and they’d be walking into a large trap. However, Emma speaks up, saying that she’s made a discovery.

Back with Don and Gilda, Don bumps into Isabella, so that he can get her key so that they can enter into her secret room. Once they’ve entered, they notice a secret passageway, which, of course, they enter.

Emma shows them books by someone known as “William Minerva”, and the person has left a message in several books, and those messages are in Morse Code. They have many words in them, such as, “Demons”, “Farm”, etc., until they reach two more books, which one of them has absolutely nothing written in Morse Code, but the other one reads one word:


With this information, they theorize that the world might not be entirely filled with demons after all. With that thought in mind, the only problem is to figure out what to do when the plan goes into action.

In the secret room, Don and Gilda are notice a communication device, as well as multiple items that belonged to their past siblings, including Conny’s Bunny. It was at that point that they had realized that Conny wasn’t alive anymore, and they had been lied to by our main trio. Then, they notice that Isabella’s entered her room, and she hears the noise behind the bookshelf, and just as she’s about she’s about to enter, a young boy named Eugene comes in with Isabella’s key. Somehow, the pair escape.

When the trio comes out for dinner, they notice that Don and Gilda aren’t in the dinner hall, they come from behind, and Ray asks them were they were.

Later in the night, the 5 meet, with Don confessing that he and Gilda went into Isabella’s secret room, and saw Conny’s Little Bunny. They say that they had lied about wanting to go save Conny, because there was nothing of her to save. Emma apologizes to them, regretting their decision. Ray says that he was the traitor the whole time, and he knew what was going on outside the walls.

And then.

Do it, you fucking pussy.

Don gets goes outside, and cries about not being able to save Conny. However, he strives to get stronger, so that no one else will be killed. He apologizes to Norman and Ray for giving them the business, and they vow not to keep them out of the loop anymore.

The next day, Ray informs Isabella about what happened, though he lies about the truth, saying that Norman punched him, because that they got into a disagreement. Also, Isabella informs Ray that the next shipment is in January, which is the month of Ray’s birthday.

While discussing the plan, the group, sans Ray, discuss how they’ll get out, in a way that’ll completely blindside Isabella.

And then.


Man, that episode was 7 flavors of intense. From the discovery of the Morse code, the room with Little Bunny, the meeting with the complete group, and what’s probably most unsettling, Sister Krone appearing, and saying that she wants to join forces with Emma. The thing is, can Krone be completely trusted, seeing as she’s been, somewhat erratic in her behaviors…

Last week, I noted that Don was probably going to get himself killed, the way he was acting. This week, I actually felt bad for him, and wanted him to succeed, and survive in the world. Ultimately, I don’t think he will, but…

And one more thing: Ray had a thing in a box, which Norman found, but we didn’t see it. But seeing how I’ve browsed around the internet (without getting spoiled! Yay!), it’s going to be REALLY important later. I can’t wait for next week.

Image result for the promised neverland anime

The Promised Neverland is available to stream on Amazon Prime, Funimation Now, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE.

Stay Twisted, everyone, and I’ll see you next time!





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