JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (Golden Wind) Ep. 19 REVIEW: Resolve

Everytime I close my eyes, I wake up feeling so HORNY!


Starting off where we left off, Giorno drives into the water, and begins to attack Ghiaccio while telling Mista to escape to get the disk from the lion’s statue. Ghiaccio freezes the water, while Mista gets to the hood of the car, asking Giorno to create plants, since the hood of the car has enough heat to generate life. Ghiaccio stops them in their tracks by freezing the vine, but this turns out to be Mista’s plan the entire time, since he uses the grass which was frozen to create a makeshift snowboard, so he can slide on the frozen water.

At that point, Ghiaccio undoes White Album’s ability, making Mista fall into the water. Ice Bakugo is about to go after Mista, until he shoots some grass into Ghiaccio’s forehead, which he turns into a car part, and shoots it over and over again, digging the part deeper into his forehead, which knocks him out, temporarily.

Although Mista has a chance to get the disk and haul ass, he decides to kill Ghiaccio, so that they’ll be safe. He dives underwater, where he notes that he has a hole on the back of his neck, and positions Sex Pistols #1 and #2 behind Ghiaccio, but when he gets up, the hole can’t be seen. So Mista goes above the water, he shoots a pair of fish, which exposes his neck hole, and Mista shoots directly into it.

But then, Ghiaccio activates his Stand’s ability, White Album Gently Weeps, which freezes the air around him, in order to ricochet the bullet back at Mista, hitting him directly.

Mista gets to dry land, in order to get away from Ghiaccio, but unfortunately, Ice Bakugo gets to the disk before Mista. Acting on his feet, Giorno touches the below-zero freezing ice, spraying his blood everywhere, saying what the two of them need right now is resolve.


Earlier in his life, Mista had killed a bunch of people who were beating on a woman, however, since the justice system didn’t see it as self-defense, they sentenced him to 15 to 30 years. However, Buccellati pulled some strings and pulled some strings to get Mista out of the prison, and treats him to a meal, and as soon as he meets the rest of the group, he accepts the invitation into Passione.

Mista shoots more bullets at Ghiaccio, after Giorno reveals the path of Ghiaccio’s ice wall. He keeps shooting, and all of his bullets ricochet back at him, which sprays his blood all over Ghiaccio’s helmet. Mista’s bullet barrage has made a light post behind Ghiaccio jut out, creating a sort of dagger. Mista shoots Ghiaccio in the face, piercing his neck onto the dagger-pole. Mista shoots one more time, in order to get him for good.

Unfortunately, Ghiaccio froze his own blood, nesting his head, and White Album Gently Weeps ricochets all of Mista’s bullets right back at him. The final bullet hits him in the head, killing him.

Until, Giorno heals him, and then,

Mista commends Giorno, saying that his plans always somehow work out in the end. Giorno goes to heal Mista which looks… sexual.

It looks and sounds sexual.

However, after the end credits, it seems that THE BOSS has begun to move…


Do I even need to say it? This was a nerve-wracking episode, which I felt that Mista earned my respect. His determination to complete the mission is something that was missing from his fights with Sale and Pesci, because there was something on the line this time, and he was the main focus.

Also, when Giorno was giving his speech about “Resolve”, it gave me Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V flashbacks. Which was a great show that turned to shit by the end of it’s run, but that’s a story for another time.

One thing I felt was Ghiaccio’s character ended up peaking in the previous episode. He didn’t have any random freakouts, he just came around as a random Stand User enemy with Bakugo’s voice. I mean, many other people may think otherwise, but whatever.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, or Golden Wind, is available for streaming in the United States on Crunchyroll and, by extention, VRV.

Until next time, everyone, Stay Twisted.

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