The Promised Neverland Ep. 7 REVIEW: Oh, that old Krone!


Man, how is it that this show seems to be so good, and goes by SO FAST?!


Krone explains that her motivations are to overthrow Isabella and become the mother of the house. She elects to help the children, showing them the number on her neck. She then tells them that she was raised in Grace Field herself, as well about about the management system, in which girls over the age of 12 can either be eaten, or become a mother, and work in the system, and oversee a house. However, she shows them a scar, where a chip embedded in her heart, which would stop it, if she takes one step outside the farm. Krone promises if they answer their questions if they promise to join forces. Norman goes to shake her hand, sealing the deal, before Emma goes:

Man, that face is honestly unsettling.

She replies that Ray is the link. If Ray says anything to Isabella, it’s over for Krone and vise-versa. With that information, the deal is sealed.

That night, Norman and Emma go to Sister Krone’s room to ask about the location of the tracking devices on their bodies, to which she tells them that they are located on her ear. She then shows them the watch Isabella uses to track the children, saying that if anyone were to try to escape, the headquarters would be alerted. Krone says that there are humans out there, who make their clothes, and supply their food. However, she knows nothing of the world outside, as she has not seen that much of it. Both kids say that they’re done asking questions, but Krone busts out in laughter, deducing that the two of them already knew about the tracking devices, due to their behaviors. They ask if they know of “Him” yet, and says that she’ll tell them next time.

I’m pretty sure someone, somewhere has made a gif of this.

Meanwhile, Isabella gifts Ray with a camera, asking what he plans to do with it.

The next day, Ray tells them with Krone knowing they know about the tracking devices, they need to move up the escape date. With that, Ray takes a picture of Emma and Norman, and remarks that they can break the devices anytime. However they still need to worry about Krone.

Krone ponders why the pair feigned knowledge about their tracking devices, and deduces that they’ve already figured out a way to break the tracking devices. So, making sure that the coast is clear, she checks Ray’s room, to see what he could possibly have. What she finds is a note, which she remarks could end Isabella’s career as a mother.

However, Isabella comes to Krone’s room at the same time Krone reads the note.

With a knife.

And a letter.

It says (presumably) that she’s been let go from the organization. Bye Krone, I guess…


Not that much to say about this episode, TBH, other than Krone’s crazy, and somewhat interesting, and knows of “HIM”, and Ray somehow knows to break the tracking devices with a camera. But coming off of a banger like Episode 6, it was going to be hard to top that emotion-fest. Maybe next episode will be better.


Huh, seems the dataminers found DLC for JUMP FORCE’s 9 DLC characters, who knows, the game’s story, roster, and presentation is kind of a disappointment of epic proportions, but who knows? Maybe the characters can save the game-

…Fucking RIP, dude. ’50 years’, my black ass.

Image result for the promised neverland anime

The Promised Neverland is available to stream on Amazon Prime, Funimation Now, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE.

Stay Twisted, everyone, and I’ll see you next time!

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