JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (Golden Wind) Ep. 20 REVIEW: The Final Mission

Well, we’ve dealt with Shrinking men, Mirror Men, Old men, Fisher men, Impregnating men, Ice men, all of who have had one goal: get their hands on Trish, in order to find out the identity of THE BOSS. Well, with this episode, maybe it’ll be a wholesome, heartwarming tale of a father meeting his daughter for the first time. Let’s see.


The group is a approaching an island, to which Buccellati reads out THE BOSS’ instructions, in which he asks the gang to bring one person to come alone with Trish, as he doesn’t know who’s survived long enough. Wanting to figure out THE BOSS’ identity, Giorno volunteers to go, but Abbacchio, who is a dick, but he actually has a point this time, berates Giorno, saying that Buccellati should go, since he is the capo of the group. Buccellati agrees, asking to take Giorno’s brooch, which he has imbued with life. Buccellati is going to use the brooch to track down THE BOSS, so they can find out his true identity.

When they get to the elevator, Trish, who is extremely nervous, asks, “What is going to happen to me?” Buccellati responds with, maybe THE BOSS will give her a new identity, a new place of residence, and he assures her that everything will be okay for her, and THE BOSS, while being a mafia boss, would love his daughter like any other father would. Trish worries if she would even love her father, to which Buccellati replies,

“No family should worry about that.”

Trish finally steps inside of the elevator, holding Buccellati’s hand, in order to calm her nerves.

And then.

Well, Buccellati was Kira the whole time. Who knew?

Buccellati, holding Trish’s severed arm, realizes that the reason that they were guarding Trish this entire time was so that THE BOSS could kill her himself, and protect his identity. Enraged, Buccellati declares that THE BOSS is the absolute definition of EVIL.


Young Bruno Buccellati, who was only 7, had a father who was a fisherman, and a mother whom he loved very much. For whatever reason, his parents decided to divorce, and Bruno elected to stay with his father. In order to keep Buccellati in a good school, his father elected to bring tourists onto his boat. One day, two gangsters came onto the boat, and Buccellati’s father witnesses a drug deal. As a result, he was shot 7 times, but survived. The gangsters come back to try to finish the job, but are killed by Buccellati. Realizing there’s no going back from this, joins Passione, believing they are a benevolent group, doing everything and anything for them. A few years later, Buccellati’s father dies from complications of the gunshot wounds.

This scene is supposed to be sad, I get that, but I can’t get past how ridiculous Buccellati looks in that suit.

When interrogating a gang member, he finds a bag of cocaine on him, and in a rage, realizes that Passione was dealing the drugs that he hated so much.


Angry beyond belief, Buccellati tracks down THE BOSS, who has Trish in his arms, and puts Giorno’s tracking device on him. Tracking him all the lower level of the basement, where Trish is laying. THE BOSS warns Buccellati to leave, to which he responds,

“When Trish wakes up, I’ll tell her… her father never existed.”

Buccellati tries to attack THE BOSS, but he appears to keep moving at the speed of light. Buccellati unzips himself, calling Giorno to confirm THE BOSS’ location. But as Giorno is about to warn Buccellati, he attacks with Sticky Fingers. But then, he sees himself, where THE BOSS would be. THE BOSS reveals his stand, saying,

“The image you just saw, and touched at this very moment, was a vision of yourself from the future. This is the power of my King Crimson. I eliminated time, and leapt through it. Anyone who sees my ability cannot be allowed to live.”

King Crimson punches through Buccellati, remarking that his mission to guard Trish has come to an end.


10/10 episode. I loved the flashback with Buccellati, which explained his motivations, and his past in a way that wasn’t extremely hamfisted, but it did it’s job. I especially like the way that Buccellati motivated Trish to meet her father, and realizing that his BOSS was a evil pile of shit.

Also, there was a callback to Part 2, with the Squid ink pasta, which I caught instantly.

Another thing is, I LOVE King Crimson’s design, especially the little face on top of his head, which, for you anime-onlys out there, is going to be critically important later. Overall, I love this episode, and I can’t wait for the next one.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, or Golden Wind, is available for streaming in the United States on Crunchyroll and, by extention, VRV.

Until next time, everyone, Stay Twisted.

P.S., Trish is hella mid.

P.S.S., Sorry for the late review, I had to run errands yesterday, because my Mom was sick.

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