The Promised Neverland Ep. 8 REVIEW: The Greatest 20 Minutes of your life.

Everyone’s reaction to this episode.

So, how many of you have watched Breaking Bad? And got to the 5th Season, in particular, watched Ozymandias? For the uninformed, Ozymandias is an episode of television which is considered the greatest episode in Television history, filled with 50 whole minutes of depression, sorrow, heart-breaking, and heart-wrenching scenes, with no sense of hope for the main characters at the end. This episode is Ozymandias, but in anime form, and, I know this is a sounding like a broken record, an amazing episode, which will probably have trouble being topped in the future. Let’s get into it.


The episode begins where the last left off, with Krone, actually not being fired, but receiving a promotion, to ‘Plant 4’, in which she’ll be a mother. Isabella explains that the Plant is shorthanded, and that’s why Isabella ‘put in a good word’ for her. Isabella asks her to leave immediately, as Grandmother is waiting for her at the gate. As soon as Isabella leaves, Krone crumples the letter in anger, saying that Isabella wishes to get rid of her.

Krone goes to the gate, where Grandmother is waiting. Krone gives her evidence about 5 children who know about the secret of the farm, saying they should take care of them, but Grandmother refuses, saying it’s okay if the situation is kept under control, like it was back in her days. Grandmother says Isabella is nothing but a pawn for her, saying that the children on her farm are special. She says goodbye to Krone, who bursts out into a fit of laughter, realizing that Isabella had her in Checkmate the entire time, and she didn’t even know.

Not soon after, Krone comes face-to-face with a demon, who plans to eat her. At the same time, the kids at the orphanage realize that Krone isn’t there to eat dinner with them. The following montage is honestly, the greatest suspense builder to a death, and most heartbreaking, as well.

The next day, Ray tries to enact the plan that they set up. The plan is as follows:

  1. Ray will try to distract Isabella
  2. Norman and Emma will go to the wall, and survey what lies beyond it
  3. Don and Gilda will keep watch from the second floor, waiting for some sort of signal from Ray. If the plan goes south, Ray will signal them, and they will go and warn Emma and Norman.

The first part of the plan is seemingly going flawlessly, until Isabella pipes up with:

I eliminated Sister Krone.

-Isabella, The Promised Neverland,

Ray, panicking, runs to Sister Krone’s room, seeing Isabella’s declaration was correct. Krone’s room is empty and barren. Isabella announces the end of her and Ray’s partnership, remarking she knew all about the dual partnership that he had with the other kids. She locks Ray in the room, and asks forgiveness for what she is about to do. She goes outside, in full view of Don and Gilda, going after Norman and Emma. Don gets Ray, who goes with him into the forest.

Emma and Norman are about to scope out the area beyond the wall, Isabella appears in front of them, and, at first, they put on the naive facade, but Isabella decides to shed her fake personality, and talks to them face-to-face with her real feelings, the farmer talking to the livestock.

She talks about the fact that they get clothed, fed regularly, and get to go to sleep in a nice cozy bed. They don’t have worry about dying without food in their stomachs, or without warmth. They (apparently) get to live their best lives before they experience the quick, gentle embrace of death.

Emma argues about Conny, and says that she’ll live a full life as she deems fit. Isabella remarks that Emma and Norman are both smart children, and she asks them to give up. She wants them to live a good life filled with no worries, and pretend to be oblivious to the world around them, and embrace death with a smile.

Okay then. I quit being a good boy, then.

Norman, The Promised Neverland, Episode 8

Emma tries to tackle Isabella, while Norman gets the rope, and climbs the wall.

And then.

Isabella wraps up Emma’s shattered knee, saying that she was happy that she had hugged her for the first time in a while. She bandages up the injury, showing that she will stop at nothing to make sure the children ship in perfect condition. Isabella embraces Emma, saying she can welcome tomorrow with a smile. She then turns to Norman, saying she’s talked with the higher-ups, and saying his shipment date has been moved up.



This episode is the beginning of the climax, I can just tell. But props to CloverWorks’ sound directors, which made the OST really stand out this episode. Like the OST wasn’t exactly memorable up until now, but the montage with Sister Krone leading up to her death had a fantastic OST, showing how, as she got older, the light faded from her eyes.

I also love Isabella as a villain. As someone who watches a lot of Shonen anime (yes, TPN is a Shonen, or more specifically, a Dark Shonen), whenever the villain shows their true self, they begin to break down, and go into this exaggerated evil monologue, and become an exaggerated version of themselves. With Isabella, speaking to Emma and Norman, she’s sincere, honest, and even greets them with purely. It’s telling that her plan hasn’t failed yet, but she’s on a level playing 5D Chess, while all of the other characters have been playing Checkers.

While I am excited for the next episode, I have a question: How do we top this? There are 4 episodes left, and while I know they’ll be good in their own right, it’s going to be forever caught in the shadow of Episode 8.

Image result for the promised neverland anime

The Promised Neverland is available to stream on Amazon Prime, Funimation Now, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE.

Stay Twisted, everyone, and I’ll see you next time!

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