JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (Golden Wind) Ep. 21 REVIEW: Requiem of a Traitor

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I’m still reeling from that episode of The Promised Neverland, review HERE, so let me preface this review with a short tutorial about how King Crimson works, in case you’ve forgotten. You see, first- and then, THE BOSS can look- and after that time, King Crimson- and there you go! That’s how King Crimson works!

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Wait, how’d this pasta get here?


The episode opens with Mista and Narancia fighting over a box of chocolates, and Fugo asking Giorno to bring him a bottle of water, as he is thirsty. Then, suddenly, the chocolates are Narancia’s mouth, and Fugo has the bottle of water, without Giorno realizing it. Giorno looks on the ground, seeing cat paws across his clothes. Realizing something bizarre is going on, Giorno decides to go into the cathedral, but Abbacchio, being a dick, but a reasonable one, since GioGio was ordered not to go on the island, but he suddenly ends up touching Gio’s shoulder, even though he just stepped on the island.

Point A…
…to Point B.

Realizing that something is going on, Giorno calls Buccellati, trying to warn him about THE BOSS’ ability.

Meanwhile, Buccellati has been punched through his body, and he tries to immobilize King Crimson with a zipper. KC stops him dead in his tracks, and erases time. He declares, that when he erases time, only he can see the erased time, and it’s the results that ultimately matter in the end. As the erased time resumes, King Crimson chops through Buccellati’s shoulder, injuring him further. As Buccellati is laying in a pool of his own blood, dying slowly, THE BOSS gets ready to kill Trish.

However, the brooch Giorno gave Buccelati earlier transformed into a turtle, a clone of Coco Jumbo, to be precise! The turtle traps both THE BOSS and King Crimson inside of it. Buccellati, realizing that he may not have a lot of time left before King Crimson erases time again, so he tries to drag Trish to the 1st floor, with what little strength he has. However, KC is waiting at the top of the stairs, and refuses to let Buccellati pass through, stating that the turtle must have been the ability of the newest member, Giorno Giovanna. Bruno tries to punch King Crimson, but KC erases time once again, however, Buccellati was aiming at the ceiling, so he and Trish could ascend to the first floor.


Giorno finds Buccellati, who is laying on the floor dying, all the while, King Crimson is climbing to the first floor, trying to eliminate both Giorno and Buccellati. Gio tries to heal Bruno, however, it has absolutely no effect on him, as his soul is gone, his body dead, and his zippers disappearing. Buccellati’s soul begins to float away, and he tells Giorno to take the others and run away, before waking up and ordering him to run. Before KC can get to Giorno, he breaks Buccellati’s laptop, alerting the others to their location. Knowing that the others are there, KC backs off, but declares no matter what, where they go, they will not escape from Venice- I mean, Venezia.

As the group get outside, after Buccellati has a coughing fit, and stabs himself on a jutted piece of wood without any pain, he explains about how he betrayed THE BOSS after he learned about what he planned to do with Trish. He says that if they go with him they will also become traitors. Fugo tells him, while he would follow him anywhere, going against THE BOSS for any reason is basically suicide. Abbacchio agrees, saying that he swore loyalty to Passione, not to Buccellati. However, he says that the only time that he feels at peace is when he’s with Buccellati, so he gets into the boat. Mista gets into the boat as well, saying that if they defeat THE BOSS with his skill, he could become a capo as next, tossing Coco Jumbo to Giorno.

Narancia is apprehensive about getting in the boat, asking Buccellati to order him to get in and join him. Buccellati bluntly replies, “No.”, saying this is something he has to decide for himself. Just as the boat is going off, Narancia sees the zipped hand of Trish, remembering the times that he was betrayed and left behind by both his friends and his father, and he has to help Trish because Trish is just like him.

Narancia jumps in the water, calling out Buccellati’s name, saying he wants to go with him because him and Trish are one and the same. The gang (sans Abbacchio) smile at this, while Fugo laments that they’re all going to die being idiotic traitors.

The episode ends with someone making a call to take out the traitors, saying it’s an order from THE BOSS.


It was an ‘okay’ episode. I mean, I didn’t hate it, it just didn’t grip me as much as TPN Episode 8 did. However, thankfully, now I know how King Crimson works!

Another thing I noticed; what happened to Buccellati? Did he die? Is he like a zombie now? Because his soul floated out of his body, he was gone. No pulse, no heartbeat, no nothing. Zipper Boi was dead. I haven’t read [that much of] the Vento Aureo manga, so was it as confusing reading it as it was watching it? Let me know.

And I will say one more thing: I do not care for Trish. At all. She’s been here like, 15-some episodes, she has no character arc, and she just gets a Stand out of nowhere. I cared more for Yukako than I do her. Because the thing is, if they try to pull some sort of character thing in the final 18 episodes, my opinion may change on her, but right now, she’s just an uninteresting character. That’s it.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, or Golden Wind, is available for streaming in the United States on Crunchyroll and, by extention, VRV.

Now I wish I could say that there is a new episode next week, but unfortunately, we got another RECAP! *disinterested squeal* Well, I’m not doing another recap post, but what I will do is review something I’ve been putting off for weeks, and that is: Reign of the Supermen. Until next time, everyone, Stay Twisted.

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