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Well, I said last week, during my JoJo Review, that I wouldn’t be doing another recap for anyone who needed to get caught up on the series, because I had recapped and reviewed the last 7 episodes already. So I needed to talk about something I had put off for far too long, and that is: Reign of the Supermen, which released on January 15th, for Blu-Ray and DVD, and January 28th, for people who use the DC Universe app, which recently added the 2004 Batman series, which is a personal favorite of mine!

When I talked about Death of Superman, I thought that the first act and a half of the movie were pretty dull, only picking up during the final half of the movie. Here, it’s a good movie throughout.


  • THE CONTINUITY. There were a lot of scenes in Death of Superman that didn’t feel like it belonged, like the Henshaws and their crew being obliterated through space, and it just shows that Doomsday is coming. Here, we get the intended payoff to that, which is Cyborg Superman, who is what remains of Hank Henshaw. Which shocked the hell out of me, because I thought that Henshaw would be the last person to be Cyborg Superman, but I will be real, I never believed his BS “Kryptonian” Science excuse for one minute.
  • While I do admit that I didn’t like Superboy’s characterization for the first 2/3’s of the movie, being reminiscent of Fortnite streamers (only without the obnoxious dancing, or the colored hair), not naming names, but he grows on you as a character, and I found myself going from “Beat the fuck out of that little shithead!” to “Beat the fuck out of those shitheads, Connor!”, when he found out he’s part Luthor. But he’s still nothing compared to Young Justice’s Superboy, though. But, he is voiced by Cameron Monaghan, so that is a plus.
  • The Eradicator is possibly the best version of the New Supermen. He doesn’t have moral codes like Steel, and Henshaw, he just shows up, kicks ass, and makes you regret any villainous thing that you were about to do. Like when Superboy calls him a jerk, he is about to bring down the complete iron fist of Krypton’s hologram onto him, if only Henshaw didn’t interfere.
  • I didn’t like Lex’s voice in the previous film, but, midway through this movie, I am glad to say it actually sound pretty good! I mean not as good as Clancy Brown’s, or Michael Rosenbaum’s, but it’s good in its own right, it’s the right amount of threatening, and imposing when it needs to be.
  • The return, and final battle of Superman is something that I have to say, is the best 20 minutes of animation I’ve seen. The minute Henshaw throws the ship at Supes, the battle goes 100 miles a minute. I was left breathless when they went into space, when Lois stopped themselves from suffocating, and the put down the sun shield.
  • Speaking of, can we talk about how this whole movie is practically a Lois Lane movie until the 3rd act? She’s the only one of the central cast investigating, asking questions, looking into things, and generally getting shit done! Well done, Lois! You’ve been ignored by this movie continuity enough!
  • The Bait-and-Switch with Darkseid. With Darkseid, things could make it a GIANT movie, but with Henshaw refusing his will, he makes it out the movie not even seeing Supes directly.
  • And of course, the lighthearted scenes (not involving Connor) contain some of the content in the movie, with the line of movie going to the Eradicator:

Kal-El, until you are fully recharged, I cannot allow you to participate in sexual activity.

The Eradicator

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  • The only bad thing I have to say about this movie is, the lack of character arc for Jeremy Irons/Steel. The only reason he becomes a hero, is mainly for the fact that “Superman’s gone, and I was his biggest fan. Now I’m Steel Superman.” I get what they were going for, but it just flopped in execution.


When I saw Death of Superman, I went into it thinking it and this movie would end up eclipsing Superman: Doomsday, with how they split the movie up in two, and not cram it into one movie, and cut many of the characters that make the movie good, or even great. But, I did love this and the previous movie, even more so than Doomsday, because the movies were a cohesive, streamlined story, which felt like two years of story put into one. If you love DC heroes, and Superman, this is the movie for you. A nearly flawless movie for a diehard DC fan. Give it a try and check it out.


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Reign of the Supermen is available for streaming via the DC Universe app, and for the collectors out there, is available on DVD and Blu-Ray, wherever physical disks are sold.

Stay Twisted, everybody, and remember, JoJo fridays are back next week! And for all you people that have been paying attention to a certain overlooked gem of this anime season, I’ve got a little surprise in store for you early next morning!

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