Thoughts on: Dororo (2019)

On that day, this man was dubbed, “Stupid ass Nigga”.

Based on a manga from the “Father of Anime”, Osamu Tezuka, of Astro Boy fame, the show Dororo is set during the Sengoku Period of Japan, and revolves around a ronin (samurai without a lord or master) known as Hyakkimaru, who was born under unusual circumstances.

Hyakkimaru’s biological father, Daigo, made a deal with 48 demons in order to win the war and rule the world. And when Hyakkimaru was born, he ended up without any sort of facial features, or limbs. The only things that remained of him were his skeletal body, muscles, and internal organs. Daigo ripped the baby out of his wife’s arms, saying they’ll have a another one, and the baby is practically dead, anyways.

However, the baby is found by someone who creates prosthetic limbs for people who’ve lost limbs, and raises him as his own son. After Hyakkimaru slays a demon, he regains his right leg again, with his caretaker sending him off at the age of 16, knowing he has a greater destiny.

A few years (I assume) later, after Hyakkimaru slays another demon, he comes across the young thief, Dororo, and ends up regaining his skin. Dororo joins him on the journey, and the story truly begins.

I think that this series is a unique one. Hyakkimaru is the protagonist, yet (at least for the first few episodes) he says absolutely nothing at all. Dororo usually does all the talking for Hyakkimaru, and he is kept out of the loop on his situation for about 90% of the time, because he can’t communicate with anyone, except through vague messages.

Overally, if you like seinen, works done by MAPPA (who have made Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames, one of my personal favorite anime), and works set in feudal-era Japan, this is the show for you!

Dororo (2019) is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

Stay Twisted, everyone.

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