The Promised Neverland Ep. 10 REVIEW: Goodbye, Sayonara, and Arrivederci.

You ready for more despair, with a side helping of depression?

The episode begins with Norman telling both Emma and Ray that the cliff was a distance that none of them could jump from, so escape would be useless.

Completely useless.

It gets worse, because the wall around them is in a hexagonal pattern, and the cliff is still all around them. The only way out is through the bridge, where the demons lay. Norman returns the device to destroy the tracking devices to Ray, saying he didn’t use it, which greatly upsets Ray. As Norman is getting ready to leave, he hugs Emma and Norman tightly, Knowing this will likely be the last time he’ll ever see his friends.

So warm…


And it’s at this moment, this single moment, that shows the weight of this situation. Norman was the brain of the group. He was the person that basically wanted to help everyone to escape in the first place. When he saw Conny’s body with Emma, he immediately realized what it was. Then, he situated a plan to get out of there, and found out that there may be a traitor among them, and found out the traitor himself. In the past 10 episodes, Norman felt more like a main character than the ACTUAL main character, the Queen on a chessboard. And now that Isabella’s got him in checkmate, he has no choice but to withdraw.

As Norman is packing his things, he sees a string phone, which brings him to remember a time in his youth, where he became sick after a snowball fight, and Emma tries to see him, after doing some Ninja-type shit.



The second time, though, Emma brings a string phone to communicate with Norman, even when she’s not in the room. Then Isabella finds her, and takes her out again. This time, she talks to Norman through the phone, and he responds, which makes her happy. I like this flashback, very much. It takes me back to the happy times in episode 1, before, well, you know.

Now everything’s depressing, and sad, and shit.

As Norman says his goodbyes to everyone in the orphanage, Ray is noticeably missing, with Gilda making the excuse that he didn’t want to see Norman off. Just as Norman is about to leave, Emma tackles him, trying to get him to run away, in one final last-ditch effort. Norman knocks her to the ground, telling her to stop. He tells Don and Gilda to take care of both Emma & Ray, and Emma to live on, eat right, prosper, etc. Isabella breaks apart their goodbye early, warning Emma that if she tries that again, she’ll kill her herself.

Norman and Isabella go to the gate, while she notes Norman’s suitcase is empty, to which he responds that he wouldn’t be able to take anything with him anyways. Isabella notes that although his life is about to come to an end, he was able to live a happy and carefree life. Then Norman asks this question:

Are you happy, Mom?


And it’s at this moment, this brief moment, for the first time, we see Isabella visibly lose composure. For someone who is usually so composed, so calm, to see her lose composure over something so minuscule, no matter how brief it was.

From then on, Emma and Ray are in full depression mode. Isabella goes to the infirmary, and tells her to give up on escaping, and try to become a mother of one of the fields, as she has all the qualities to do so, and then she pulls a Joseph Joestar on her.

She assures her that in order to get over despair, it helps to give up. Give up and become a mother. Emma vehemently refuses, falling further into despair.

Months pass by, even past the intended escape date, November 10th, Emma and Ray are done, shutting down emotionally, with Ray even saying “Let’s just die here. It’s pointless to escape, since we’re surrounded by a wall.” A few more weeks pass until the night before Ray’s shipment, January 15th.

Emma notes that Ray is up so late, and he says that he’s saying goodbye to the house. He asks the following when Emma approaches him:

Emma, did you really give up? […] You haven’t actually given up, have you? Emma.


And then, before the ED starts, Emma shoots this glare, showing that the events over the last 10 episodes have broken her, that she can no longer be the cheerful, carefree girl we all saw in Episode 1. Now she is the Queen on the Chessboard.

Does this look a bit stretched out to anyone else?

Two episodes left…


Image result for the promised neverland anime

The Promised Neverland is available to stream on Amazon Prime, Funimation Now, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE.

Stay Twisted, everyone, and I’ll see you next time!

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