The Promised Neverland Ep. 11 REVIEW: Burn it Down

Hey! I bet you’re wondering where the JoJo review from last week is, and why I haven’t really been writing anything for most of this month! Well, stick around, and find out at the end of this review!

Episode 11… This was a myriad of emotions. 11 episodes in the making, the plan that was made for so long, coming to fruition in 1 episode, and just when last episode ensured that despair had completely set in for the protagonists, it showed that they’ve never really given up, they were just making it look that way to Isabella.

The fact that Ray had decided on burning himself to get out of being shipped off was a bit drastic, but hey, whatever works. And plus, we got to know whatever the hell Ray was hiding that Norman had discovered way back when! I don’t remember the episode, may have been 6 or 7.

But Emma, who came in clutch this episode, SLAPS the TASTE out of Ray’s mouth for even trying to consider killing himself, and basically wills him to live, out of sheer will. Also, she, Don, and Gilda told everyone in the house about the situation off-screen, telling them one-by-one, until they all knew, and Isabella was none the wiser! Wow! That’s really impressive! I mean, it was communicated through flashbacks, mostly, where it was shown they were getting clothing, food, and a place to sleep, all under two months! Impressive!

But something I have note is, in the second half of the episode, most of it is legacy footage, even where it really shouldn’t be! I mean, it all led up to the escape, and narrated over Norman’s letter to Emma, oh yeah, by the way, Norman wrote a letter to Emma basically saying, “Ray’s gonna kill himself when he turns 12, stop him”, but the end payoff was worth it, considering Norman shows up (in spirit at least) to push Emma and encourage her to go along with the escape plan.

And, this episode has shown Isabella completely unravel. While she was a cold, calculated, chilling villain for the first 10 episodes, barring the nerve that Norman had hit last episode, she completely breaks here. She sees Emma’s ear inside of a bucket, when she goes to see where the girl went, and when she goes to her secret room, the keyhole is jammed with some sort of cement. After she manages to get out with only a suitcase (in which it is implied, because of the singes on her dress, was not easy to do), she snaps and realizes that Emma and Ray are still out there, laughing maniacally. But then, the final thing we see before the episode ends, as Isabella is in the brink of her breakdown, we see Phil tug on her charred dress, saying,





So I’d say that I’d explain why I didn’t post the JoJo review last Friday, and well, it’s because I didn’t really feel motivated to post the episode review, since I felt there was barely anything to talk about, other than a few plot points, and how the art looked REALLY BAD, like Quality Queen bad, if you haven’t seen it, go look it up, and come back here. Anyways, I’ll cover both those episodes tomorrow.

Another thing is, I feel sort of tired posting about the same two shows I feel that are worth watching throughout the week, no knocking on other shows, but they just don’t stick out to me like Neverland and JoJo do. W’z had me in the first half, not gonna lie, but THEY lied about how it was a COMPLETELY NEW SHOW about music and friendship and all that jazz, but it was just a sequel to an anime that nobody liked. I’ve been watching Dororo, but that’s a “Watch when I want” show, not a “Watch for my blog” show. But I’m glad that the Winter Season is finally over, so now, I have to cover a LOT more shows than just Neverland and JoJo, like Kenja no Mago, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Fairy Gone, etc.

Also, I’m starting a new series where Patreons (or Ko-fi, I don’t judge) can nominate works that were originally hyped to oblivion and back, only to fall flat on its face in the end. I already know what’s going to be the first one, I’ve been working on it since the day I started this blog. If you want to become a $5 backer and above, go to the top of the page, click “Donate”, and you can nominate anything, Movies, Video Games, Anime, Live-Action TV, etc. Hope to see you there.

Thank you for reading all this, and I hope you can understand what I’ve been going through. Once again, thank you.

So, until next time, I’ve been Aze, and make sure you stay Twisted!

Oh, and, that new One Punch Man PV came out! Enjoy!

*Snickers in BERSERK*

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