JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (Golden Wind) Ep. 22 & 23 REVIEW: Opposite Day


It’s about time we got a new opening, but a new ending, too?! Let’s fucking go!

Since gang has betrayed THE BOSS, the gang tries to regroup to find out anything they can about THE BOSS, since KING CRIMSON seems to be invincible, going through time, and stuff. They decide to stop at a cafe, to refuel themselves, where GioGio worries over Buccellati’s current state.

The gang talk about THE BOSS’ stand, KING CRIMSON, and how it has the invincible (there’s that word ageen!) ability to skip through time. But, seeing as how all the villains since Buccellati became a capo had Trish in mind, she must know some modicum of information about THE BOSS’ identity. Narancia objects to this, but Trish objects his objection, telling them that THE BOSS met her mother in Sardinia, where The Gang theorize that is where THE BOSS’ real identity is.

At that same time, Narancia notices that there is something swimming in his soup. This is Clash, which is an Enemy Stand, attack Narancia, which causes him to get his tongue ripped off, and Gio creates a new tongue for him to use, after he chokes on his stubbed tongue. Then he gets affected by Talking Head, another Enemy Stand. These Enemy Stands belong to Squalo and Tizano, both of whom are assassins from THE BOSS.


Because of Talking Head’s ability, Narancia ends up saying the opposite of what he intends to say. This is a problem because the gang can’t figure out what’s wrong, and they need to find the Enemy Stand users, before they kill them first.

While Giorno tries to figure out what is wrong with Narancia, the sink in the bathroom overflows, and rips Giorno’s throat out, and Narancia tries to save Giorno by attacking Crush head-on, and when he is about to finish of Crush, Narancia finds out that he caused a gas leak, and when Mista comes in, and shoots at the Stand, causing the room to explode.

Realizing that he can’t help the gang, Narancia ends up leaving to find the Stand Users, with Squalo being injured. Narancia exclaims that he’s found the Enemy Stand Users, while Tizano assures Squalo that Naracia hasn’t found them. Then it’s shown that Narancia CUT OUT HIS TONGUE in order to ensure that he found the users. Squalo tries to summon Clash again, but there’s no water around, so Tizano jumps in front of Aerosmith’s firing range, killing him, spraying his blood on Narancia.

As Squalo tries to kill Narancia, Narancia lifts Squalo into the air, with Narancia noting that the gang will get out of Venezia safe and sound. Aerosmith shoots at Squalo, killing the already wounded Stand User.

The gang escapes Venezia, vowing to make it to Sardinia by plane.

These episodes were… Ok. I mean, they weren’t really jaw-droppingly amazing or anything, but simply okay.

Narancia being the focus is also good, since he hasn’t had any focus since Formaggio. But that’s just me.

Another thing about these episodes were that the art was WILDLY off-model. Considering DavidPro has brought their A-Game with this Part. Hopefully, they get better as this this Part comes to a close, and the Blu-Rays fix it.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, or Golden Wind, is available for streaming in the United States on Crunchyroll and, by extention, VRV.

Until next time, everyone, Stay Twisted.

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