Philosopher’s Grandson Ep. 1 FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Great animation, Okay story

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You know, it’s been a good year for Funimation so far, you know, except the whole Vic Mignogna situation, and the fake swatting, and the cancelled Kamecon appearances from several voice actors, and 30th anniversary DBZ Blu-Ray controversy, and well, the Sony partnership- you know, it’s been a marginally good year for Funimation so far in terms of anime streaming. And one anime that I can say for sure that I’ll be talking about is this one: Philosopher’s Grandson.


The series starts out with the main character, in the present day, going home after a long day at the office, dying after being hit by a truck.


He’s later reborn as a young boy in another magical world, named Shin, taken in by a man named Merlin, and he is EXTREMELY POWERFUL. Just look at how he takes down this demon!

Source: Stolen from Reddit.

He was 10 years old.

A few more years pass, 5, to be exact, and Shin is considered to be an adult, in which he can go out into the world and do adult things. The only problem is, Merlin’s shielded him so far from the world, Shin doesn’t know about the basic things about the world, such as shopping. The only things that he knows are magic and breathing.

Suddenly, Merlin gets an idea to show off one of Shin’s strongest spells, in an undisclosed location, and ends up creating a GIANT crater in the ground.

Source: I’m a thief.

Realizing that Shin is too dangerous to be left to his own devices, his (not really, but familial-like) uncle, Diseum von Earlsheid, who is a king of an entire nation, sets up living arrangements for Shin, Merlin and Melinda, Merlin’s… friend (it’s complicated), in which Shin will attend magic academy, and learn to hone his magic properly.

After arriving in the capital, Merlin leaves Shin to his own devices, and he goes around the capital, experiencing things he’s never seen before, until he gets lost. Just then, he stumbles upon two fragile girls being accosted by BIG, BURLY KNIGHTS.
He said it, not me.

He saves them, and he gets their thanks. The episode ends, with Shin being distracted by the blue-haired girls’… eyes.

Pretend that pause button isn’t there.

I wouldn’t say that the story is groundbreaking, or treading into new territory, per se, but it’s an interesting first episode, with so-so characters, and nice character design. But I’ll be watching for more of that GREAT animation. Let’s hope we can get more of it. God damn, I love Silver Link.


Philosopher’s Grandson is available via FunimationNow.

Well, until next time, I’ve been Aze, and I hope you come back to my vault.

Stay Twisted, people.

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