JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (Golden Wind) Ep 26 REVIEW & Magmel of the Sea Blue Ep. 1 FIRST IMPRESSIONS

No pre-game banter this time, guys! We got double duty tonight! And if you’re wondering why there’s no Featured Image this time, I tried in Photoshop, it was impossible.



So after the whole Notorious B.I.G. thing, we’ve been introduced to Doppio, who was born in an all-women’s prison to a woman serving a 10-year sentence. After he is born, he is taken in by a priest, meets his future wife, and aspires to become a sailor. It looks like all is going well.

…Until his mother is released from prison, and Doppio tortures her, sewing her mouth shut, starving her, and keeping her hostage. He burns down the village he was inhabiting, erasing all evidence he was there.

Present Day, Doppio, after almost getting run over by a truck, he sees a fortune teller, who reads his palm, and sees two souls inside of him, after reading his palm. Doppio, suddenly gets a headache, and turns into his other personality, THE BOSS, who asks about the whereabouts of Risotto Nero, who is the only member of the Hitman Squad left alive. Before killing the Fortune Teller, he says that he will definitely see him again.

After an incident with a Taxi driver, Risotto finds Doppio, who has gotten to Trish’s old house, and asks him to lift his foot, which he is hiding the photo of Trish’s mother. After some careful hiding of the photo, he ALMOST evades Risotto, but he screws up, turning in the direction of the sound of Narancia’s Aerosmith, confirming that he is a Stand User. With this, Risotto attacks Doppio with his stand, making him throw up needles, and razors. After calling the Boss, he tells him that he has given him a part of King Crimson, for him to use.

I love the character of Doppio, and how he’s basically Fugo, except if he was a villain, and had a lot more quirks than just “angry cheese boi”. Also, Doppio is THE BOSS! Who could have guessed, except everyone because CC2 spoiled it in All Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven. Very excited to see where the fight with Risotto goes.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, or Golden Wind, is available for streaming in the United States on Crunchyroll and, by extention, VRV.


A new continent has been found, called Magmel, and many people have gone to it to explore the strange new continent, and many end up injured. This is the story of Inyou, the Angler of Magmel.

One day, a sick boy by the name of Kurikisu comes to him, asking him to save his brother, who has been on Magmel for ages. A sick boy for most of his childhood, his parents went to Magmel to find a flower called the Tear of Epona (or Ebona, the subs on this episode were very bad), to cure his illness. However Kuri’s (because I’m NOT typing his full name again) brother comes back, without his parents, breaking down, saying he tried to save them. Later, him and a new group of explorers go to Magmel, and they haven’t returned.

After a bit of banter, Inyou agrees to go to Magmel, and he escorts Kuri around the continent, protecting Kuri from hazards. After a giant bird (I forgot the name, but hey), Kuri’s brother shows up, and drags Kuri away, showing him that he’s found the Epona flower. Kuri goes closer, realizes that it’s growing in a crown of human bones! This is because the Epona flower only blooms in corpses.

And then.

Inyou comes onto the scene, as Kuri is dying, who asks him to save his brother, which results in this nice little fight scene:

In the end, Inyou goes on, thanking his assistant for helping him along the way, resting after such a long day.

Fuck, I HATE those black bars on my screenshots. God, I wish I had a monitor instead…

This episode was mostly built for world-building, rather than the plot at large. I liked the fact that there were practically no wasted motions in this episode that dragged it down. I also liked the character of Inyou, who was carefree, but also badass when he needed to be, i.e. the fight scene. I’ll keep watching this, but as it is now, the only con I have is with the subtitles, as they were distracting, given the fact that it looked like it was Google Translated to English, but as long as it’s legible!


Magmel of the Sea Blue is not available on any streaming sites, but if you venture the Seven Seas, you’ll find it eventually.


Well, that’s about it from me! I’ve been Aze, and until next time, I hope you come back to my vault.

Stay Twisted.

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