Fairy gone Ep. 2 REVIEW: Better, but still missing something.


You know, Fairy gone has a lot of potential to be good, and I by no means hate the show. But, for some reason, I feel that it’s lacking that special “something” that a series needs to stand out from the rest.

Like this episode, for example, it was a better first episode than the first episode, because of the fact that we get more backstory for both Marlya and Free, without us trying to fill in the blanks on what happened with them in the past. Marlya has lost every parent who has tried to raise her, making her unlucky. Free nearly died in the Unification War, but a friend sacrificed his life to save him, making him lucky, but in the worst possible way.

This is something that was needed in the first episode, DESPERATELY! This gives insight to the characters and some meat to their motivations, whereas the pilot dangled that info in front of our faces, and said, “JK! You gotta wait 6 more months!”


It’s also neat that we get more rules to how Fairies work, because after Marlya, who got her fairy… a few days ago, maybe? IDK, time-lapses are fucked in this show, gets massively hurt in a battle, and tried to take out her Fairy again, but couldn’t because it was so badly damaged.

And now, we have a person from Free’s past, Wolfrain, who comes in this episode, and is working for the mafia. Him and Free were friends from the war, but circumstances ended up turning them to opposite sides.

Also, there were some othere characters, but I can’t remember their names, but all I can say about them is that one had a scoping Fairy, and the other a sniping fairy.

One more thing, I found other people saying that the CG looks bad, but it doesn’t really look THAT terrible to me, really. They even cel-shaded some of the models, so that it blends in with the hand-drawn animation. The very least, it’s better-looking than Berserk…

Image result for berserk walking gif

Overall, I think this was a better episode than the first episode made me believe that the series was going to be. Pacing needs a little bit of work, but hey, nothing a supercut can’t fix. Hopefully, it can get better from here.

Image result for fairy gone poster

Fairy gone is available for streaming on FunimationNow, and Hulu.

Well, until next time, I’ve been Aze, and I hope you come back to my vault.

Stay Twisted.

One thought on “Fairy gone Ep. 2 REVIEW: Better, but still missing something.

  1. I think the CGI was greatly improved in this episode. Maybe it was because the CGI fairies were fighting against animated humans, either way they didn’t stand out as much as in the first episode, and thankfully it was nothing like Berserk.

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