Fairy gone Ep 3 REVIEW: Bitter Sweet/Where I’ve been the past week

Hey guys, it’s me, it’s me, back at it again with the reviews, but I should explain where I’ve been the past week, I’ll explain. Basically, last week was my Spring Break, and since my Dad works in the school system, it was his Spring Break as well. So, basically, I had to help out my parents, and go to church because it was the Easter season, and we had to go see family, and as a result, I lost time to blog, I lost time to do watch anime, to blog, to do anything. I mean, I still caught the new Kimetsu no Yaiba episode on Saturday, at least, as well as the JoJo episode, so there’s that. I mean, I’m upset that I lost my Spring Break, but I’m more upset that I can’t get it back now, because I couldn’t do anything, because I had to put my whole life and plans on hold because of my parents and them needing help with their business, as well as their computer. It’s fucking frustrating, I’ll be perfectly honest.

The episode begins with a little backstory for Wolfran, who is shown to lose his wife and child in the Unification War, and that’s ultimately made him what he is now. Again, another GOOD motivation, and backstory!

The rest of the episode is dedicated to more worldbuilding, as we learn more about the Fairy Tomes, that there is a Red, Black, Blue, White, Green tome (IDK if that accurate, but you get what I’m saying) and Marliya and Free are assigned to JESUS DIO (who has another name, but to me, he’s JESUS DIO), who claims to have the Black Fairy Tome, which, if you watched the post-credits scene after Episode 1, was a fake.

Our God

So, as the pair go to their destination, they run into someone named Bitter Sweet, an old friend of Free, who knows him from the Unification War. It turns out that she is after the Tome, as well. After gathering altogether at the house, a Fairy comes in, extinguishing all the lights, and ends up stealing the (FAKE) Tome, just as according to JESUS DIO’s plan.

As they capture the thief, who was someone that was feeding Free information, and Bitter realizes that Free was a spy for the mafia, and she unleashes her Fairy, as the episode ends.

I think that this show now, is better than the first 2 episodes, because now we know a modicum more about them, in contrast to the last 2 weeks, where we knew NOTHING, and they forced a narrative about them on us. I think that the character I like the most is Bitter Sweet right now, considering the chemistry she has with Free, and that I kind of sort of like Femme Fatale characters. I think that now we know how Fairies work, the show seems better without them, seeing as how they were absent from 98% of the episode.

Anyways, super excited to see what this show offers next.


Fairy gone is available for streaming on FunimationNow and Hulu.

Until next time, I’ve been Aze, and I hope you come back to my vault.

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