Philosipher’s Grandson Ep. 2 & 3 REVIEW: Kreepy Little Kurt

You know, binge watching the last 2 episodes of this show, I have to say: this is so basic. The characters are basic, the setting is basic, the look is basic, everything about this show is basic.




Shin, after some exposition talk with Maria and Sicily (NOT Sizilien, FUNIMATION), goes to the Magic Academy, where he runs into Kurt von Rietsburg, the arrogant noble who reminds me a bit of Bakugo, except without the charm, or the character development. He tries to get Shin out of his way, only for Shin to turn the tables on him, and embarrass him in front of everyone.

Then August shows up, who is the crown prince of the nation, and introduces himself to Shin. They wish each other good luck, and when it comes time for Shin to test out his power, he destroys his target dummy, and as a result, he ends up being the top scorer. Kurt, miffed off that he scored lower than Shin, approaches him, while talking with Maria and Sicily at the same time. He shakes his dick around (and by that I mean his ego, not his actual… anyways), proclaiming that Sicily is his his fiance, and she belongs to him, and him alone. Sicily refuses, making Kurt angry.

But before the situation explodes, August intervenes, chastising Kurt for swinging his social status around, and what it could mean for his family, should it reach his father, the king. Kurt backs off, but this is not the end.

In order to protect them, Shin asks his Grandmother to enchant Sicily’s uniform, in order to protect her just as he did, but Melinda refuses, because Shin’s uniform is a higher grade than anyone else’s, and Sicily may be taking advantage of him. After breaking down, admitting she used him, she ends up approving the enchantment, and Shin is her bodyguard.



On the first day of school, we learn about the Study Groups, to which Shin’s group of friends form the Ultimate Magic Study Group, which is run by Shin, much to his chagrin.

Meanwhile with Kurt, he goes off on his father, ranting about how he has higher status than Shin, and it’s all his fault, because he humiliated him, and in his infinite wisdom, Kurt’s father ends up grounding him, and apparently keeps him from school.

His parents call his old professor, Oliver Schtrom, who hears out his venting, and gives him some sort of power-up.

Back at the school, Shin senses an evil presence, and it’s Kurt. And then he attacks them with fire.

Dude, I was kidding about the Bakugo comparison.

Shin realizes that he’s been Demonized, and asks his friends to get to safety, so he can fight the demonized Kurt by himself. They comply, and Shin tries to fight off Kurt, who has so much Magic Energy stored inside of him, that he can blow up the Magic Academy. Having no other options, Shin takes out his sword, and kills Kurt, lopping off his head.

In a post-credits scene, the Military gets wind of the demon, which August points to Shin as the man who slayed it. They hail him as their hero.


I think these two episodes were great, both at establishing these characters, and Kurt, while a complete and total dick with no redeeming qualities, is a nice first antagonist that ends up meeting a fitting end to his story, because, as I have said before, he is a complete and total dick. I also thought that the main villain looked and sounded interesting, and felt like he’ll be influencing the plot going forward.

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Stay Twisted, everyone.

Now enjoy this meme.

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