Philosipher’s Grandson Ep. 4 REVIEW: Power of the Sun

Hm, wonder why people didn’t like my Fairy Gone review THIS WEEK. I guess people didn’t see it. Probably.

I don’t really know what to say, but this show keeps the record, at least in my book, for being so average in every single conceivable way, yet defying my expectations.


So after killing Kurt, Shin determines that he was rather weak for a demon, theorizing that someone made him that way through conversion.

Meanwhile, word gets out about Shin’s heroics, and they hold him as their hero, but Diseum puts a gag order to not let the identity of the demoniod, in order to protect Shin, as well as Kurt’s identity.

Meanwhile, while investigating Kurt’s transformation, they go to Oliver Strom’s place asking him to identify the body.

Back at the school, Shin’s heroics get out, and everyone wants to join his study group. The teacher tells them that only people who can use spatial magic can join.

The investigators question Oliver, but they trapped him, because they never disclosed the identity of Kurt to the public, seeing as how he knew that it was Kurt that was killed. They try to detain him, but he attacks and obliterates all the forces. Shin springs into action, with the battle being a close one. In the end, he finds that Oliver is a Demonoid, but he has all his reason about him.

Shin ends up defeating Oliver by using the sun’s rays, and seemingly blows him away.

…Except he doesn’t die, as revealed in a post-credit scene.


I’m kind of at an impasse with this show, to be perfectly honest. On one hand, it’s just so damn basic, with things I’ve seen over and over again, and does almost nothing different. On the other hand, GOD DAMN, HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE ACTION SCENES?! I’ll still watch it, but you know, it’s just middle of the road for me.

Philosopher’s Grandchild is available for streaming on Hulu, FunimationNow, and Crunchyroll.

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PS: Sorry this review was late, I was playing Black Clover: Quartet Knights with my Steam group.

Now enjoy this gif.

Made by me. God, I love Adobe Premiere.

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