Fairy gone Ep. 6 REVIEW: I can’t think of a title, so here’s what I think of the episode.


I know, I’m late; let’s get this over with.

This episode seems to be a bottle episode, with Free taking a backseat to the action for once and Marlya and Klara end up going after the villain of the week instead.

Dorothea gets a tip that they’ve found the Black Fairy Tome in another city, and it’s been traded off somewhere. Klara and Marlya go and access the situation, evading Bitter Sweet as they get on the train. In the end, after some bonding and teamwork, they capture the guy, but he doesn’t say anything.

It’s an interesting episode to say the least, I mean, I wasn’t BORED while watching it, but it was nice to see someone else get the spotlight for a change in these episodes, and Klara is quite an interesting character.

The one thing I have to say is, the Fairies have really taken a backseat, haven’t they? Compare the first two episodes, where they fought with nothing but their fairies, but now, since we can see what the characters can do, it’s almost the Fairies are a tacked-on gimmick for the show, to be perfectly honest. They really don’t need to exist, yet the show keeps pushing them on us, with them showing up less and less as time goes on. Maybe it’s to save budget, but still…

Yeah, about these reviews, I know they aren’t every long, like my Promised Neverland reviews, but I don’t really FEEL the hype from a long of these Spring shows as much as I did that. Even though it was the only show I covered from that season, but still.

If I can be completely honest, I’m really kind of bored of the Spring 2019 anime, other than Demon Slayer. I don’t want to drop the shows I’m watching, but there really isn’t anything to talk about when making these reviews. There’s not a lot to hold my attention, but there’s still something I stick around for, because I like the characters (unlike W’z, which I dropped because I was BORED OUT OF MY SKULL and didn’t know anything about what was going on). Maybe Summer will be better, Fingers Crossed, but IDK man, this season may be a One-Show season. (I am not caught up with AOT, Just so you know)

So, see you tomorrow for Philosopher’s Grandchild! And make sure to donate at the top of the page!

2 thoughts on “Fairy gone Ep. 6 REVIEW: I can’t think of a title, so here’s what I think of the episode.

  1. I’m with you. The spring season is a wash (except for Demon Slayer). I glanced at the synopses for some of the anime for summer. It’s not looking good there either.


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