Philosopher’s Grandson Ep. 6 REVIEW: Spouts, MMD, and Knights.

Image result for kenja no mago episode 2

*sigh* Why is this show SO basic?!

I mean, the first 7m 30s are interesting, with Sctrom rising again, and then he goes and wrecks shit in a neiboring kingdom, killing again, making an army of Demonoids, and overrunning the Kingdom.

Then the main characters at the Magic School get informed of this, and then they go to the Knights magic school, where they look down on them, because “OH WE’RE KNIGHTS AND YOU’RE MAGICIANS, YOU SUCK”, and then they get into a scuffle with the Demons, and they lose, and Shin ends up defeating the demon. The arrogant Knight trainees apologize to Shin, and they’re buddy-buddy.

Then Sicily heals the Knight guys, and they fall for her. Okay. Shin gets jealous, and he lets out his anger at a HORDE of demons, INCLUDING A FUCKING DEMON.


And ShinWinsLOL. Of course. Was there ever any doubt?

And the episode ends, instead of playing the usual ending animation, it just ends with an MMD video overlayed with the ending song.

IDK what to say really. I feel just bored with this one, and nothing’s really blown me away since Episodes 3 & 4, and even then, it felt basic! I just hope that the next half of the episode has less basic shit, and more… non basic shit.

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