Aze Reviews: Justice League vs The Fatal Five

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Well, now that I’ve watched Fairy gone (still not reviewing it this week, all I can say is, TOO MUCH TALKING!), I was finally able to watch this flick, being a fan of DC Animated Movies, and having grown up on the DCAU, all I can say is, this feature feels, a bit weird.


  • It’s nice to see the OG JL Trinity back together again, voice actors and all! As a person who grew up with these voices and designs, this is the cat’s meow!
  • Jessica Cruz, the Green Lantern for this movie, and who I consider the main character of this movie, has a neat little character arc focusing on her self-doubt and trauma, coupled with the fact that a Green Lantern chose her. She’s one of the few, if not the only character in this movie with a legitimate character arc in the movie, other than Miss Martian, but that’s not really much on her part. Plus, it portrays mental health in a positive light, which is a win.
  • The Fatal Five, having been exposed to them in the 2006 show, Legion of Superheroes, are some of the best things about this film, especially since they don’t have the censors weighing them down anymore. Mano can graphically burn people, The Persuader can cut people, and the Empress can stab people with the Eye of Ekron.
  • One of the best things about the DCAU, and JL/U in general were the banter with the characters, with Batman spouting my favorite line in the movie, “Bring it on, Skeletor”. God, I love Kevin Conroy.
  • I like Star Boy’s antics and powers. That’s it.


  • There are a lot of noticeable Leaguers missing from this movie. And in order to explain away their absence, they say, “J’onn’s off-world, Hawkgirl’s on another planet somewhere, GL (John Stewart, the Lantern, not the talk show host) is in another part of the galaxy, etc.” to let you know, these characters aren’t in the movie. Now, this was pretty common in the animated series as well, but of all 7 League members, there’s a certain Speedster missing from the action. The Flash’s absence is completely and utterly never adressed in the film, and it’s telling. One of the best characters in the series, and it’s really unfortunate they couldn’t get Michael Rosenbaum to reprise the role. Nothing against Mr. Terrific, but…
  • At some point Star Boy’s shtick goes from endearing to funny to annoying, until the end of the movie, of course.
  • Until the third act, I never really got that “This is amazing” factor of the whole movie, and even then it just felt okay. Like it was 3 episodes of Justice League filled out to fill a feature length film. You may disagree, but that’s how I feel.

Overall, if you were looking for an epic experience like the Death and Rise of the Superman Duo, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want a popcorn flick with a hint of nostalgia, give this film a watch, and maybe you’ll enjoy it.


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