Aze’s Honest Thoughts on: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Image result for dragon ball z kakarot

Now that Project Z finally has a name, I’ll be completely honest here:

I do not care for this game.

I have had so much fun with Xenoverse (1 & 2), FighterZ, SDBH, and do you know why? Because those games did something DIFFERENT! This just goes from Raditz to Frieza, and then what? What’s there left to do in the game after Frieza? Nothing! Probably what’s gonna happen! We’ve had the Budokai Series, the Budokai Tenkaichi series, Raging Blast 1, Ultimate Tenkaichi, Battle of Z, DBZ Sagas, Legacy of Goku, Buu’s Fury, All of those games have treaded ground we already saw, in the case of Xenoverse, SDBH, and FighterZ, at least they did something DIFFERENT. At least we saw characters and storylines never seen to that point, and now, it feels, they’re going back to square one.

I’m also not that big on Bamco’s anime games, nowadays, since Jump Force looked promising, and turned out to be such an ugly turd, that Bamco gave up on hyping up the DLC, and announced all the characters in one go.

Best case scenario, this turns out to be another Jump Force. Which isn’t saying much. Worst case, DBZ Sagas.

Sorry, if you don’t like my opinions, but I’m not here to please people. That’s how I roll.

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