Sorry for no updates, and plans moving forward.

I’ve been taking the time for myself, because I got accepted into an actual University, and plus, I’ve only really used this blog to give myself more experience with writing.

In all honesty, I’m shutting this site down, because, 1, It’s hard to microanalyze every single weekly anime I watch, write down ALL THE THINGS that happened in the episode, and say, “GOOD EPISODE/BAD EPISODE”. It’s a life for some people, but alas, not for me.

I’ve deleted my Patreon, as well as my Ko-fi page, but my PayPal is still there if you all want to donate to me, and I’ll be honest, I’m without a job this summer, and I need all the support that I can get.

Anyway, my plan expires on January 1st of the new year, and this site goes down in December of that same year, so Imma try to archive everything before it does go down, and see if I can get a few more posts up before the plan expires. Not WEEKLY, mind you, just every once in a while.

Well, that’s basically it. Follow me on Twitter, at @TheAngelicCure, donate to my PayPal, to keep me afloat, and well, Stay Twisted.

One thought on “Sorry for no updates, and plans moving forward.

  1. That’s a shame you are shutting down this site. I assume you’ve had blog burn out?. Rather than deleting the site. Why not keep it, as a small place that you can go back to, when you feel like you need to vent or something. Long term bloggers who have deleted their blog, have regretted doing it. I know I have.

    As for micro analysing. Doing episode reviews are a tough one to do, especially if you have several anime on the go. My advice would have been: try to pick one anime and focus on that. If you are doing several shows, not really recommended to go in depth, pace yourself on it. Shouldn’t rush on getting out posts like that.

    Good luck in the future though.


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