“It’s a Fighting Game, who cares about the story?” Is a phrase and mindset that needs to die.

Over the past 12 months, I’ve been stewing over a certain game. THIS game, in fact!

This game, which I reviewed here, to which the patrons of r/JumpForce called me ‘salty’ because I was disappointed with a game I had high hopes for, and spent $50 on, and never got it back, has a terrible story campaign, in which most of the advertising went into. Gamers, Anime Fans, and DarkSydePhil alike began the story, and were immensely disappointed at what they saw. Terrible cutscenes, a story riddled with holes, and muppet-like character models.

But though it all, when discussing what’s wrong with Jump Force, what and where it went wrong, there has been one constant defence of the game that just gets on my nerves, and that’s-

It’s a Fighting Game, who cares about the story?


In my honest opinion, I do not think this is a good mindset to have, especially when it comes to fighting games. At the risk of sounding like that one Fortnite player, I think that if you expect a fighting game’s story to be bad, don’t you think that you, the consumer, should ask for something better?

Imagine applying this logic to other forms of media, like-

Oh, who cares about the story? We’re just here to watch the “Here’s Johnny!” scene!

Hypothetical 1

Oh, who cares about the Jostars? I’m only watching it for the memes!

Hypothetical 2

Oh, who cares about the characters and world-building? I’m here for the fights!

Hypothetical 3

That is, in my honest opinion, an insulting thing to say to any writer. And the fact that these writers COULD make a good story, but refuse to, and there are a certain legion of people whom are okay with it, shows me, that they are content with settling for less. When in truth, you should fight for more.

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